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Jordan Rubin Crohn’s Disease Book

Jordan Rubin, founder of health and wellness company Garden of Life, is regarded as one of the most respected health experts in America. Jordan Rubin has triumphed over Crohn’s disease and spread his message about winning back his health to millions around the world. Jordan Rubin’s Crohn’s disease books, The Maker’s Diet and the new The Maker’s Diet Revolution, relay his journey with Crohn’s Disease and share the steps he took to regain his health.

The Makers’ Diet Revolution

The Maker’s Diet Revolution is Rubin’s long-awaited sequel to The Maker’s Diet. It offers information on what Rubin learned in the years following his writing of The Maker’s Diet, including health and crohn’s diet tips, the importance of organic foods, why our country’s food supply is compromised, and popular health myths and truths.

Like The Maker’s Diet, The Maker’s Diet Revolution takes a God-centered approach to living a healthy lifestyle. In The Maker’s Diet Revolution, Rubin suggests that living a lifestyle according to biblical concepts brings one the greatest health and wellbeing.

For instance, in The Maker’s Diet, Rubin recommends the benefits of fasting, but not fasting that requires one to go completely without food. He calls his fast the Daniel Diet, and suggests that it’s an easy partial-fast that can provide breakthroughs in health.

Rubin’s The Maker’s Diet Revolution states that readers will experience a health transformation in just 10 days. He gives tips for breaking addictions to smoking, junk food, and other toxic substances. He also tells readers how to detoxify the body’s systems and promote healthy energy levels.

Most of the content in The Maker’s Diet Revolution revolves around fasting to support good health, such as health of the gut, cardiovascular system, immune system, and skeletal system. Rubin also offers emotional benefits for fasting like its ability to bring peace and clear the mind of negative thoughts.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution is a book written by a man who has overcome much to get to a place of health and wellbeing. It may be worth a read if you are looking for tips for strengthening your body, will, and spirit.

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