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Introducing: Good Gut Solution

We Have A New Name – Good Gut Solution

& you may have noticed the new logo up top.

Let me explain….
When Dr. Pam launched crohns.net 16 years ago, in 1998, her intention was to focus on patients with Crohn’s Disease. You may ask why Crohns Disease?  Though she had been working in natural medicine for many years, she was only seeing patients who drove to and walked into the medical clinic.  She desired to help more people, but wasn’t sure how to make this happen.

Then she met Jordan Rubin. It was during their luncheon together that she learned of his miraculous story and recovery, when doctors told him his crohns disease was incurable, and essentially, that he was going to die.  As we all know he didn’t die, he recovered fully and overcame his diagnosis.

Dr. Pam was so inspired that she launched this website to help Crohns patients all over the globe. How has this been going? Well, she’s done so with immense success, and together with the help of the rest of the team – we’ve helped thousands with Crohns achieve happiness, prolonged remission and, as as many would say, a new life. Allow me to share just two quick testimonials:

“I would like to share my 13 yr. old daughter’s experience….how probiotics saved her from, at the very least, a surgeons knife.” – Joe and Renee G

“Thank you so much for helping to turn my condition around. I am so happy I did not have to take steroids instead” – Linda L

But sometimes customers do not just have Crohns, some have Ulcerative Colitis, some IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and others, a recurring stomach ache that needed natural medicine. Others have SIBO, dysbiosis or leaky gut, or maybe a combination of symptoms and diagnoses. Then there were those with other health issues like skin problems, low energy, fatigue, inflammation, psoriasis, allergies, asthma, the list goes on, and on, and on. Dr. Pam, and the rest of the team here, have helped these people in over 78 countries.

Why Good Gut Solution?

Scientists know that the gut holds over 70% of our immune system. (1) Even our happiness is located in our gut as up to 95% of the bodies’ supply of serotonin comes from gut bacteria. (2)

So going forward, we’ve embarked on a new vision, with a new company name.

“Your digestive system influences all other systems in the body;  a healthy gut creates a healthy body. That’s the Solution.”   Dr. Pamela Nathan DHM L.Ac

And along with the new vision, we will be adding heaps more products in 2014. What remains the same is …..everything else. Same low pricing, same responsive website, same speedy shipping, epic customer service, and Dr. Pam with her team, guiding the vision of empowering people world-wide to realize their full-potential through optimal health, education and natural medicine.

Dr. Pam loves educating everyone on the latest advanced in natural medicine. She has written hundreds of articles. This may be her greatest passion and her greatest gift in serving the world.

I’ve learned heaps in just my short time here. You may be wondering,  as we’re often asked, “Where can I read some of these articles to stay up-to-date on the latest advances? Here, I’ll tell you. For all articles prior to 2013:

Educational Articles
Help with Digestive Issues
Ecology Health Center articles

And now all education and all future posts are in one place to make it easy to find the information you are looking for, here at the Good Gut Solution blog.  Dr. Pam and the rest of the team post regularly here. To catch you up, some popular posts have been:

Thank you for your continued support. We’re grateful you keep returning, and we look forward to serving and fulfilling your healthcare needs.

In Good Health,
Good Gut Solution

(1) – Skeptics / NIH/ British Journal of Nutrition – http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/17811/is-70-of-your-immune-system-located-in-your-gut
(2) – American Psychological Association – http://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/09/gut-feeling.aspx

  • Liselotte Adler

    Have been helped by Pamela since 05 resection – and staph infection for 9 years now – happy customer. Not just for the pro-biotics that I still take, but the personal “touch” you have – always encouraging.

    Congratulations to your new company – wish you all the success

    Could not have improved to this point without you.

    Li Adler

  • Thanks for your good wishes, Li. I’m thrilled to hear how well you are feeling. Keep it up. You are a star.

  • Hi Steve,
    I appreciate your patience. I know that you will be very pleased with the results now that’s its here and you get once you start to use PerfectPass Prebiotics on a daily basis. Please be aware that the average daily dose is 4gm taken twice a day.

    4 gm for those of us that don’t do grams, is equivalent to just under 1 measuring Tablespoon. That is also the same as 15 cc.

    I have some patients who use 70cc per day. This is the type of dosage that people with UC flares etc take. This shows you how safe it is. You can’t overdose on it. The main requirement is that you mix it in water and don’t take it dry. Its so easy to take and with no odor or taste, and dissolving easily in water.

    I look forward to hearing from you when you’re close to finishing your first container. That will give you enough time to build up the diversity of your unique microbiome composition – and that’s why your digestive function will start improving. Please stay in touch.

  • Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your patience. Looking at the tracking, we see that it was delivered yesterday( Wednesday 18th ). Please remember Dr Nathan’s dosage instructions. Please stay in touch, we would love to hear feedback from you. Thanks

  • Hi Steve, Please let us know how you are doing since you started using the Perfect Pass Prebiotics. It is sometimes necessary to adjust the dosage to meet the needs of each individual so let me know.

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