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Immune Support

Why Should you Supplement your Diet with Immune Supporting Supplements?

Many of us have a difficult time obtaining all the nutrients are bodies need through food alone. Unless you eat a diet with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and organic protein sources you will fall short on many critical nutrients your systems need to function properly. Many groups of people have restricted diets or circumstances which place a greater need on us for particular nutrients. When these needs are not met our immune system may become quite compromised. This is our first line of defense to protect us from infection and disease. Perfect Pass Immune Support includes digestive enzymes, probiotics, a balanced nutrient ratio and anti-oxidants which will help all your systems function at proper levels. 

What Special Needs are Placed on our Immune System at Different Times in our Life?

  • Adults over the age of 60 have shown to have decreased levels of anti-oxidants, calcium and Vitamin D. The consequences include an increased risk of infections, malignancy, and autoimmune disorders. As we age we produce less digestive enzymes which limits our ability to absorb nutrients from our food.
  • Women wanting to conceive or child bearing require an additional amount of folate, 400 micrograms daily of folate in the form of folic acid to help prevent neural tube birth defects. 
  • Strict vegetarians may have a difficult time getting enough vitamin B12, zinc, iron and calcium.
  • Weight loss and specific diets which restrict calories and certain foods may be limiting and not enable us to obtain our required amounts of nutrients from food sources.
  • Over exposure to toxins due to poor air quality, heavy smoking or high alcohol consumption require us to take additional nutrients based on the added toxins and nutrients that are depleted along with decreased ability to detoxify.

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