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Immune Boosting Herbs

ALOE VERA- improves protein digestion, ant-inflammatory

CHICKWEED- soothes inflammation of upper GI tract

DANDELION ROOT- increases production of enzymes to aid in digestion

ECHINACEA ROOT immune system stimulant

GINKO BILOBA LEAF improves circulation

GOTA KOLA improves mental alertness

GOLDENSEAL ROOT soothes the intestines, aids in digesting fats

HAWTHORNE BERRY antioxidant for the heart, protects blood vessels

JUNIPER BERRY strengthens the urinary system

LICORICE ROOT soothes inflammation in the stomach lining, decreases stomach acid

PARSLEY ROOT strengthens the digestive system

PEPPERMINT LEAF soothes inflammation and relieves intestinal cramps

PASSION FLOWER aids in digestion

SAW PALMETTO BERRY strengthens kidneys and bladder

VALERIAN ROOT stimulates digestion

YELLOW DOCK ROOT strengthens detoxification functions of the liver

BEET ROOT helps protect cells, proteins and enzymes from environmental stress.

WHITE PINE BARK EXTRACT stimulates blood flow, the immune system and is an antioxidant

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