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The Human Microbiome Project and Probiotics

The Human Microbiome Project and Probiotics

One of our greatest goals at Good Gut Solution is educating our customers, patients, friends and family on the important role the digestive system plays in overall health. We’re strong believers that what we put in our body is just as important as what we put on it, and that we all feel so much better when natural, organic, simple ingredients make up the bulk of our diet. This belief extends to supplements and vitamins, too.

More often than not, the ingredient list on a supplement or vitamin bottle at the health food store has fillers made from gluten, dairy, and other difficult to digest ingredients. Worse, the people who need many of these supplements the most are the ones who can’t tolerate those fillers – people with IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and many other digestive diseases are plagued by supplements that do more harm than good.

Fortunately, we’re finding out so much more about how our digestive system contributes to our overall health. Thanks to the Human Microbiome Project, an offshoot of the Human Genome Project, researchers are uncovering the hidden secrets of our guts. While there’s still much to be learned, this new information has already shaped the way supplements, vitamins, and medicines are manufactured and administered.

One of the biggest discoveries of the Human Microbiome Project has been about probiotics. Previously, we thought that taking a simple probiotic pill (comprised of a few billion strains of one type of bacteria) every day would be enough to help the gut’s existing population of beneficial bacteria. However, we now know that the healthiest guts have not just more bacteria, but greater varieties of bacteria – a few billion strains of some is simply a drop in the bucket.

We also learned that in order for probiotics to be helpful to the body, they need to be recognized by the body. Many commercial probiotics are grown on dairy or soy, and the body doesn’t recognize them. Most don’t make their way through the stomach acid and the few that do don’t actually grow.

Only human strain probiotics can grow and thrive within the gut; bacillus strains in particular survive stomach acid because each is protected in an endospore that only opens in the lower digestive tract. Further, we’ve developed a probiotic that has more bacillus strains than what the gut usually already has – these supplements flood the gut with the beneficial bacteria and increase diversity.

These supplements, called Perfect Pass Probiotics, have many benefits over other types of probiotics: they are human strain, they survive stomach acid, they are more populous than the bacteria already in the gut, and the ingredients are nature-derived. This probiotic helps the body to get rid of the bad bacteria in the gut by thriving so well that they crowd out the bad bacteria.

Dr. Pamela Nathan is happy to offer a probiotic to patients with digestive diseases that they can tolerate – and that will actually help them. She spends a lot of time educating everyone about the Human Microbiome Project and all that we can learn from our guts.

This video features Dr. Nathan speaking on the Human Microbiome Project, the evolution of probiotics, and the benefits of Perfect Pass Probiotics. Our digestive system holds many more answers we have yet to discover, but you can take the first step today with a human strain probiotic.

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