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How Perfect Pass Probiotic is Unique

probioticPeople taking probiotics already know why they take them: to improve the natural balance of microflora throughout the gastrointestinal system, which promotes general health in several ways.

Why Some Probiotics Don’t Work

In some cases, however, supporters of probiotics may experience intestinal health regression. Additionally, symptoms may return or not go away at all. While their intention to use probiotics is certainly justified, many are unaware that some probiotics never make it to the gut.

The reason some probiotics don’t ever get a chance to work is because they don’t survive passing through stomach acid. In order for a probiotic to do its job, it has to be able to make it to the small intestine. To do so, it has to be able to withstand stomach acid.

Perfect Pass Probiotic

According to new research from the Human Microbiome Project, Bacillus spore are the perfect pass probiotics—a unique probiotic on several fascinating fronts.

What makes this strain of probiotic special? For starters, it does the one thing it needs to do to be effective in your body: it has a 100% survival rate through stomach acid and bile. This means that your efforts to take a probiotic supplant aren’t wasted each time you take a pill. You can rest assured knowing these bacteria will find their way to your gut.

Second, Bacillus probiotics are a human strain. This means that Bacillus is a strain already present in your body. Every time you take a Bacillus probiotic, you’re adding additional strains to your small intestine, not introducing new strains, as is the case with probiotics grown on dairy or soy.

This is particularly important for people who may have food allergies or sensitivities. Bacillus spore has a much lower chance of causing an allergic relation or irritation because the strain is familiar to your body. This also means that people with strict dietary needs, including those who follow gluten-free or Paleo diets, will not be compromised by Perfect Pass Probiotic.

Bacillus spore are naturally immune to most antibiotics and environmental strains of bacteria that have been on Earth of thousands of years. There has never been a need to create an antibiotic for Bacillus, so it thrives easily in both the intestine and in soil-based organisms.

Although Bacillus can be found throughout the soil and natural environment, it is not considered an SBO. The reason for this classification is that, although it has been found in both the natural environment and inside the human gut, its numbers are higher and more apparent in the small intestine.

Perhaps most importantly, Bacillus spore is one of a few known specialized strains recognized as ‘nature’s true probiotic.’ Food safety and sanitation are relatively recent advents of an industrialized civilization. With respect to our ancestors, who were hunters and gatherers, bacteria were practically their own food group. While most of the bacteria died in the same stomach acid that kills most probiotics today, some strains, like Bacillus, learned to survive and thrive in the intestine.

Why use any other probiotic? Perfect Pass Probiotic is the only probiotic you’ll ever need and is available online today.

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