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Holiday Cooking Resources for Alternative Diets

Holiday cooking resources for alternative diets

Just because you or one of your guests may be suffering from the digestion pains of Crohn’s doesn’t mean your holiday meal has to be bland. There are plenty of festive, delicious dishes that you and your family can serve to complete your family’s feast! Here are some amazing holiday cooking resources for alternative diets that will keep all your guests happy, no matter if they’re gluten-free, meat-free, or fat-free.


While many foods are trial and error with Crohn’s, it’s important to ask someone what foods to avoid and what foods are safe to be jazzed up for a holiday dinner. When you’re entertaining guests with special dietary needs, you should get this information during the planning stages of your party to ensure you’re preparing enough diet-friendly dishes. Researching the diet associated with the disease and finding cookbooks with suggestive recipes is one way to be informed to what your friend may be experiencing.


Including a few simple and organic appetizers, such as avocado or hummus deviled eggs, for the entire crowd is a good way to avoid bringing attention to your guest with the special diet. You can also ask your guest for suggestions and recipes that work for him or her and ask them to bring a dish of their own to share for the main course. Avoid preparing anything fried by choosing raw ingredient finger foods or oven-baked side dishes. If you’re doing a self-serve main course, make sure to include enough diet-friendly proteins and sides. On party day, it is a good idea to have festive place cards with the name of the dish on the front and the ingredients on the back or inside so your guest can take a look at the list without asking.


When the day arrives, don’t draw attention to the possibility of a flare up. Serving a soup to the entire group, such as this creamy tomato soup, or making it an option available before, or during, the main course is one way to help create a fulfilling dinner menu and avoid triggering a reaction. All of your planning should pay off during the event. You and your guest should be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of one another without any stress or reactions!

Here’s another great resource.

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