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Probiotics Effective for Hepatic Encephalopathy HE

Can Probiotics Really Help Hepatic Encephalopathy HE?

Yes it can help liver disease like Hepatic Encephalopathy!

Hepatic Encephalopathy, also known as HE, has both neurological and psychological effects on people with chronic liver disease.

We don’t know what the exact cause is, however, it tends to happen in patients whose condition has an affect on how their liver functions.

You see, the liver is involved in removing toxins from the body. When the liver is damaged and not functioning adequately, the toxins build up in the bloodstream and results in all sorts of neurological problems.

To date, treatment has involved focuses on the gut microbiome by reducing the ammonia-producing bacteria living in the gut. Some research includes use of probiotics.

Lactulose is the first choice of prevention of recurrent, HE episodes, giving patients high doses of lactulose

There has been ongoing research to show that the microbiome of patients with HE is altered. They see an increase of bad, pathogenic type bactria colonies, some strains specifically associated with loss of cognitive function.

Another noted change in HE patients relates to an increase in intestinal permeability, inflamamtion and a lessening of butyrate production, a short chain fatty acid necessary for adequate digestive function.

By modulating the human gut microbiome, probiotics can be extremely effective in the dietary management of Hepatic Encephalopathy HE and other liver diseases by improving how well the intestinal gut barrier functions and also in modulating inflammatory responses and reactions and immune alterations and changes.

Visbiome, an effective high potency probiotic, recent presented an outstanding mongraph outlining these results.

Here is a link to one of the most recent research studies supporting the efficacy of probitoc use for Hepatic Encephalopathy HE.

Visbiome continues to contribute research in this field.

We have all Visbiome size and potency options available from our online store.

Here is an in-depth mongraph on the use of Visbiome for Liver Disease.

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