Why is PHGG that different from the other prebiotics that are available like Inulin and FOS Fructooligosaccarides?

PHGG – i.e. partially hydrolyzed guar gum is a galactomannan. This is a different type of prebiotic that inulin and FOS is. Not only its it very pure, but it also has the advantage of fermenting slowly in the digestive tract. This is not the case of inulin and FS which both ferment rather quickly. This is the reason that it results in symptoms of gas and bloating which can be very uncomfortable.

Can I just use Perfect Pass Prebiotics and not take any probiotics?

Yes that is certainly very possible. It does depend on the severity of your personal condition.

Why are Perfect Pass Probiotics different to most others found in the stores?

These probiotics are bacillus strains that are contained in an endospore. For this reason they are able to survive the stomach acid 100% of the time.  The bacillus strains are commensal organisms found in nature in the identical form that they are found in the gut – thus referred to as ‘human strain’. Human strain probiotics are the only ones that actually grow in the gut as they are recognized as compatible with the human microbiome. These probiotics are given in therapeutic dosage. In other words the amount contained in the formula exceeds the number that is usually found in the gut.

What is unique about Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes?

This particular digestive enzyme formula provides two functions in one capsule. When you take the capsules with your meals, you are helping to digest the food you are eating.

However, when you take the digestive enzymes between your meals, you are helping to repair the lining of your gut. This is because the formula contains proteolytic enzymes as well.

The formula also contains ox bile which is an excellent choice to help process fats.

Why is Perfect Pass Immune Multi better than other immune support formulas?

Perfect Pass Immune Multi combines a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, digestive enzymes, green foods, antioxidants, berries and many other nutrients that are precisely selected in the correct ratios to provide the ultimate health benefits in one formula.

As we age we need more nutritional support. We can also consider how our bodies are exposed to toxins from some of the food we eat and the air we are exposed to and water we drink. This immune support formula gives you additional ammunition to ward off these effects.


Why Perfect Pass Probiotics Don’t Include Lactobacillus and Bifidus Species