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 Spray Vitamins

When you do an oral spray of magnesium is it still going to impact the colon with diarrhea?

I see that there’s magnesium in the heart health and this is for crohns patient who also has
heart problems, however they had their ileal removed and so they’re having just watery diarrhea .
Magnesium is not good when you have watery diarrhea.
I just was just checking to find out, out of curiosity.


First of all, there is not enough magnesium in the sprays to cause loose stool, and second,
most all of the nutrients in the sprays goes directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the
bowel where the problem is caused in the first place.

She should also take plenty of probiotics and fiber, and some curcumin could help with any
inflammation problems of the gut.

What are the specific nutrient forms in the multi spray?
Eg. methyl-cobalamin? Mixed tocopherols?


Re the MultiSPRAY (& Hearth Health SPRAY):

The Vitamin E is D-Alpha tocopherol vs. mixed tocopherols (which are a mixture of all the anitioxidants), and the B12 is methylcobalamin (natural) vs. cyanocobalamin (synthetic).
They are listed as such on the specific product labels.


Why do you use Sodium Benzoate in Aloe Complete Vera Juices? I thought it is not good for you.

Answer from the manufacturer, Maryanne Ibarra of Aloe Complete :

Once Aloe has been properly stabilized it must be preserved or it can become a perfect medium for microbes.

Some of the very components that make Aloe beneficial to humans – the various polysaccharides, as well as over 200 naturally occurring nutritional components– can provide nourishment and a great culture medium for microbes.

If a manufacturer of an Aloe product claims there are no preservatives, there can be many reasons; either it contains little or no Aloe, as it would only remain stable for a very short period of time, (you will see on the dosage to drink 8oz daily and use within x amount of days),

or they have heated the aloe at high temperatures, for a long period of time and then have hot filled into glass

or they may not disclose the preservatives.

ALOE COMPLETE contains a minute amount of necessary, safe and effective preservative so you can have supreme confidence in a product that is rich in Biologically Active Nutritional Components and stable for an extremely long time.

The amount of Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate that is used in our Whole Leaf Aloe Concentrate is 0.1ppm, (about the size of the tip of a pin amount) which is the least amount needed to prevent growth of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, molds, yeast and lactobacilli, so the Aloe does not break down and digest itself.

Combining Sodium Benzoate in the Aloe with Vitamin C is not advisable!

We have tried many citrus- based and other natural preservatives over the last almost 25 years in business because we know it would be more marketable, but they have never stood the test of time in our stability challenges.

The immune enhancing effects of Aloe in my opinion far outweigh the preservatives needed to deliver the benefits!

Our Aloe Complete is grown in a pristine location, in a sandy loam soil, for hundreds of years.

These Aloe fields are flood irrigated by mountain springs, organically grown with goats eating the weeds.

The Aloe is rich in monoatomic elements such as iridium and rhodium from old volcanic activity and the mountains surround the fields to protect them against frost.

Having been there myself there were wild parrots in the pecan trees that were on the property.
It was like paradise.
The workers pray in these fields before they hand pick the outer leaves and I chose this Aloe myself.

Does Chlorodex Anti Inflammatory contain Algae?


No it does not contain algae.

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