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Fight Food Cravings the Smart Way with Probiotics

Fight food cravings with prebiotics and probiotics

You’re sitting at your desk and suddenly it hits you: I should grab a candy bar from the convenience store next door.

Dealing with intense cravings for junk food can feel like an all-out battle at times, and they can derail your diet faster than almost any other culprit.

If you’ve been clocking in 8 hours every night and aren’t overly stressed, it’s time to get the scientific facts so you can fight food cravings the smart way.

Where Cravings Begin

It may feel like cravings hit you out of nowhere, but their origin may surprise you. Scientists recently discovered that “bacteria within the gut are manipulative.” That’s right,your gut bacteria doesn’t just sit around waiting for you to feed it spinach and green beans. When your bacteria is off-balance, and you don’t have a large enough variety of good strains, microbes in your gut can actually send urgent messages to your brain demanding that you eat that cookie for breakfast.

Gut Wars

As Carlo Maley, PhD, the director of UCSF Center for Evolution and Cancer, points out,“There is a diversity of interests represented in the microbiome, some aligned with our own dietary goals, and others not.” In many ways, this is very much a battle of good vs. bad.

Of course, not all sugar cravings are evil—sometimes, your body craves that quick energy, especially after a sweaty workout (chocolate milk, anyone?). However, when we discuss intense cravings that are excessive, like you can’t get your mind off that ice cream tub in the fridge, then specialized sugar-and-fat-loving gut microbes may be at play. And the more you feed them what they want, the more they demand. (Remember, if you give a mouse a cookie…)

How Probiotics Help

Your gut microbiome is continuously changing based on what you eat. As of now, there isn’t enough research to show what you should eat to alter your microbiome, so what’s the alternative?

A good probiotic could be the answer. Probiotics are supplements that reintroduce a variety of good bacteria into your stomach. William Davis, MD, recommends “taking a probiotic to evict the gut bacteria that are causing your cravings.” Of course, it’s important to be careful what strain of probiotics you’re taking—not all probiotics are equally effective.

Our Perfect Pass Probiotics contain three species of Bacillus endospore that have been proven to improve the ratio of good to bad bacteria by 30% over a six week period. They’re potent, so you don’t have to take them multiple times a day.  Just one capsule daily is enough to start the transformation.

Start transforming your gut today, and you could see a difference in your waistline tomorrow!

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