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Max: My Experience with Probiotics


My name’s Max Thomas, and I’m 47 years old. I’m very much about staying healthy, and I’ve been using probiotics for nearly 20 years.

My system leans toward a yeast imbalance, which sometimes appears symptomatic of candidiasis. At times, I’ve experienced symptoms of other illnesses that typically are associated with a weakened immune system, which some doctors have linked back to a yeast imbalance.

My experience with probiotics, in conjunction with diet, has helped in maintaining balance in my system and decreasing a myriad of side effects (including bloating, skin rashes and scaly patches, strep throat, sinus infections and the like).

Probiotics have come a long way in twenty years. It used to be the most readily available format was a liquid which had to be refrigerated. While it worked fine, I would often forget to work the dosage into my schedule. Then when capsules came out, those made taking probiotics much easier. However, they still required refrigeration. Of course, now non-refrigerated strains of probiotics in capsule form are plentiful. This has made taking them several times a day whether I’m home or travelling very easy to do.

I’ve typically bought the probiotics available at my local grocery store since I believe they are reliable brands and easy to buy as part of my food shopping routine. Ordering online is good but it takes a really good product to get me to go online to order something that I can buy off a shelf.

PerfectPass is indeed that product. I’ve used 10+ different brands of probiotics and my system has responded very well to PerfectPass. I understand part of it is the number of organisms in each capsule. In addition, I’ve read about the unique combination of probiotic strains, along with the research behind the product, that I believe also make it a superior probiotic.

It’s a bit more expensive than other probiotic brands, but I find that with less expensive brands, I end up taking more capsules, ultimately making it about the same price as taking one capsule of a high-quality probiotic.

Taking PerfectPass two to three times a day has helped keep any yeast imbalance flare-ups in check. I feel great too. Thanks, PerfectPass!

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