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The Evolution of Probiotics

The Evolution of Probiotics

While probiotics have been proven to be a great way to help balance bacteria, recent studies have found traditional probiotic supplements are not as powerful as once thought.

Pre & Probiotics – Then & Now

Today’s general mainstream probiotic supplements are grown from soy and dairy substrates and can successfully help in fostering a healthier gut for good bacteria to thrive. However, a recent study from the National Institute of Health has found these traditional probiotics aren’t as effective as some newer supplements.

The traditional soy and dairy probiotics have found to be less effective because the body doesn’t recognize the organisms. The stomach often destroys the soy or dairy-based probiotics, leaving the rest of the digestive system without any of the benefits.

Couple Relaxing in MeadowWhat’s Changed

Over the years, researchers and scientists have been working on developing a more effective strain of probiotic, and the answer was found in the human body. The new kinds of probiotics, such as Perfect Pass probiotics, are made from human cells and recognized by the body as something beneficial. Unlike other probiotics, the Perfect Pass capsules have been proven to make it through the body without being destroyed before the probiotics can do their good work.

Another evolving discovery is the relationship between probiotics and prebiotics; researchers have found that probiotics can be fed by prebiotics to be more effective.

Prebiotics, such as Perfect Pass prebiotic supplements, can help feed probiotics and help them grow. The more diverse probiotics you have, then the better you will feel! There are between 500 and 1,000 different kinds of microbes living in the gut, so feeding them all is essential. Plus, prebiotics also help regulate the bad bacteria by helping the good bacteria flourish, creating a healthier balance between the two.

How Prebiotics Help Probiotics Succeed

As the gut becomes more regulated and balanced, discomfort will start to disappear. The use of prebiotics coupled with a regular probiotic routine will be sure to help target bacterial problems in every part of the digestive system. The supplements work together to help reduce inflammation and irritation in the stomach and intestines. They also detoxify the intestinal tract and help with digestion. Meanwhile, bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine (also known as SIBO – Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) will also benefit from the double dose of supplements.

Start reaping the maximum benefits of probiotics today by boosting your regimen with prebiotics. Check out the Perfect Pass Prebiotics and Perfect Pass Probiotics and start enjoying a healthier gut today!

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