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Does Everyone Need Spore Based Probiotics

Microbiome Information from Kiran Krishnan

We sat down with Kiran Krishnan, microbiologist and microbiome researcher. We asked him the question, “Does everybody need to take a spore based probiotic?”   

A lot of people will say, “You know what? I don’t really have any particular digestive issues. Do I really need to take this product?”

If you eat a very clean diet, you may be thinking the same thing. You may feel feel that you get everything you need from the nutrients you eat in fruits and vegetables. 

Kiran’s research shows that often we do not get the bacteria we need in our diet.  If you were living off the land, if you lived on the side of a mountain, you grew your own food, you forage the roots of tubers, you definitely don’t need them. However, if you live in a city or you live in a modern house or apartment building, you’re going to need them. If you buy your foods in the grocery store, you’re going to need them. 

If you look at the course of human evolution, you will see that we naturally were exposed to these types of bacteria.  Our hunter, gather, foraging ancestors who ate and lived off the land got huge doses of these particular bacteria on a daily basis every time they ate or drank from their environment. That’s why these bacteria have developed this long-term symbiotic relationship with the body.

Our ancestors maintained their good but bacteria naturally for millions of years. The problem is we don’t get them in our food anymore. Our food supply has changed along with how we obtain our food and how we eat it.

How Do We Benefit From the Bacteria Once They Are Established in our Gut?

They create a protective barrier for the body from the outside world

They detoxify the gut

They improve the growth of good bacteria

They suppress the bad bacteria

They train the immune system 

All of these things are necessary on a daily basis because the modern lifestyle that we live is very much an assault to our system.

What Destroys Our Microbiome?

GMOs that we’re exposed to in our food

Chemicals in our household and our personal care products


Toxic chemicals in our drinking water

All those things target and affect the gut in a negative way on a daily basis. We need these spores in there to reverse that damage which we’re doing every day. We need them as a protective system within the gut itself.

Kiran Krishnan, gut bacteria, human microbiomeClick here to listen to our interview with Kiran on You tube. Check out our 6 Part Series on the Microbiome with Kiran Krishnan. You can find out the latest findings from their new human clinical trials.


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