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Essential Formula’s Story

How Essential Formulas Started

Essential Formulas was established in 2000 to bring Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Formula to North America.

One of the company’s founders, Michael M. Schoor, discovered Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Formula while traveling in Malaysia in 1997.

During his stay in Kuala Lumpur, Michael visited a fast food restaurant and incurred the wrath of Malaysia (known in Mexico as Montezuma’s Revenge). Because he was without a pharmaceutical drug, he had used since he was ten years old to treat his spastic colon, he asked a local doctor for help.

The doctor provided a product from Japan known as OMX probiotics. It helped immediately and substantially. In fact, the Japanese probiotic worked better than did the western pharmaceutical drug.

Michael found that the shaky, sped-up feeling in his stomach and colon went away in two days. It usually took 10 days to get the same results when using a pharmaceutical, and he didn’t have any negative side-effects.

Michael was so impressed by the results, he was determined to find out more about the little brown capsules that stopped the apparent food poisoning in it’s tracks. His search led him to Japan. It was there that he met the late Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, who was one of Japan’s leading microbiologists and the formulator of probiotics OMX.

Dr Ohhira to the Rescue

Dr Ohhira Probiotic Caplets that saved Michael SchoorDr. Ohhira explained the health benefits of probiotics and especially his formula, known as OMX in Asia. Michael discovered that the little brown caplet that saved him from days of discomfort had been proven safe and effective in over 20 university-based, scientific research studies.

He felt sure that Americans needed access to this incredible product. Read what Nan Fuchs has to say about Dr Ohhira’s probiotics.

Dr. Ohhira and Michael reached an agreement in 1999 that established the ‘soon-to-be-formed’ new company as the sole distributor of Dr Ohhira’s probiotic formula OMX in North America and elsewhere.

After learning that the term OMX was already taken in America by a major company, Michael chose Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics Formula as the American name for OMX Probiotics.

Essential Formulas has since expanded their line of products to include other dietary supplements, essential fatty acids, and skin care products formulated by Dr. Ohhira and Propolis Plus.

EFI continues to introduce and release additional products like Reg’Activ Cardio, Liver Detox and Immune & Vitality Formula from Dr. Ohhira and others.

Essential Formulas is committed to offer the highest quality of natural supplements available as well as the finest customer care.

Besides offering high quality products and exceptional customer service, they also strive to lead the industry in providing customer education about product content, their uses, and their efficacy.

Why Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics are so effective.

A probiotic supplement is only helpful when the beneficial bacteria actually take root in the digestive tract and support the body’s ability to develop it’s own unique strains of probiotics.

Developed by award-winning microbiologist Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Formula contains viable bacteria (not freeze-dried or centrifuged) that cohere in the colon.

Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic formula is unlike any other product available today. It is fermented and uses twelve carefully selected strains of lactic acid bacteria, that includes the proprietary TH10, which is researched to be more than six times stronger than other probiotics known to bacteriologists.

The bacteria are cultured on nutritious vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and seaweed and this healthy, culture medium is also included in each vegetable capsules.

This provides prebiotic nutrition for the good bacteria, further ensuring their success of multiplying in your digestive tract.

Organic acids from the fermentation process are also included. These organic acids help to improve digestive pH.

Digestive enzymes, bacteriocins, and hydrogen peroxide are developed to enhance and maintain the colonies of delicate micro flora living in your digestive system.

Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics Formulas, both Professional and Original, are guaranteed non-GMO and hypoallergenic.

There is no dairy, soy, or gluten in them; they contain all-natural ingredients.

They are guaranteed free of Soil-based Organisms or Homeostatic Soil Organisms (SBOs or HSOs).

Another extremely important factor is that the 100% vegetarian product is stable without refrigeration.

Hear Michael Schoor talk about Dr Ohhira’s Probiotic Formulas

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