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Dietary Supplements for Crohn’s Disease Amelioration Treatment


Managing your Crohn’s disease is a difficult job, but with the right nutrition program and proper dietary supplements, this disease can be kept under control.

Crohn disease is an auto-immune disorder, a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect the body’s alimentary tract. Because the cause of this disease is still unknown, there is no cure for it so far, only methods of reducing the negative consequences and improving the patient’s life. Some of the symptoms regarding this disorder include:

  • diarrhea (sometimes with blood),
  • abdominal pain and tenderness,
  • sudden weight loss, fever,
  • tiredness,
  • Sores and abscesses around the anus, which have a discharge.

Other possible symptoms for Crohns disease are so-called ulcers on the tongue or on inside of the cheek, inflamed eyes, swollen or painful joints, sore and red lumps on the skin.

If you or someone dear to you is struggling with Crohn’s disease, it is important to understand that a proper diet and a dietary treatment, supervised by a specialist, can lead to significant improvements in treating Crohn’s symptoms.

In order to ensure the correct functioning of their intestinal tract, many people have started to turn to dietary supplements, in fact non-invasive herb-based products that can offer pain relief, instead of flooding themselves with chemical-based pharmaceuticals.

The long term benefits of a complementary treatment for Crohns Disease based on dietary supplements, vitamins, herbs and other forms of therapy like homeopathy, acupuncture, and hypnosis have been proven efficient by medical experts. Also, there have been numerous clinical trials that assessed the benefits of these supplements in numerous types of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and the results were stunning: in some cases the patients, no longer needed the anti-inflammatory medications.

Crohn’s disease sufferers are advised to include in their everyday alimentary habits nutritional dietary supplements for a balanced intestinal flow. These supplements are all chemical-free and come in a wide range of formulas for all sorts of deficiencies: anti-fungal, digestive, essential fatty acids, immune system support, natural laxative, nutrition and immune support, probiotics, sleep and neurological balance, etc. The miraculous ingredients Aloe Vera and Propolis can be found in many supplements, such as the Aloe Concentrate Original Flavor or the Essential Formulas Propolis and are highly recommended for digestive issues.

When you deal with an inflammatory disease like Crohns disease, you permanently need to protect your organism from harmful factors found in foods and beverages. Again, there are herb-based supplements that can provide an immune system support, for example a Coffee beverage with Ganoderma or the Elevate amino acid formula and detoxifiers for a clean gastrointestinal tract, such as the Garden of Life Detoxifier or the Garden of Life Fungal Disease.

Although Crohn’s disease is thought to be incurable, both medical treatments and complementary therapy fight to reduce the inflammation that triggers the symptoms, improve the long term prognosis by limiting the complications, lead to symptomatic relief and a possible remission. Starting a complementary therapy based on dietary supplements can help people manage their condition and also regain their joy of life, without the annoying and troublesome side-effects that usually occur due to prescription medication. These are some possibilities for people with Crohns disease



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