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Detoxosodes by HVS

How did HVS Detoxosodes Start?

HVS is the maker of liquid homeopathic remedies. Each formulation is prepared with multiple potencies, five potencies to be exact, in a pure water base and are used for a variety of health conditions.

This means that each HVS formulation is potentized to 9x, 20x, 30x, 100x and 200x and then blended in equal volumes to achieve continuous bio-resonance as potency requirements change during the cleansing or healing process.

All HVS Detoxosode remedies do not contain any sugar, alcohol, or sodium.

These formulations were the innovation of HVS founder, Allen M. Kratz, PharmD.  He originally formulated the Detoxosode homeopathics in 1983. This was shortly after a new class of ingredients was established in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). They referred to this category in the General Pharmacy section of the HPUS as “Class K-Isodes”.

It says, “Isodes, sometimes called Detoxodes, are homeopathic attenutations of botanical, zoological or chemical substances, including drugs, excipients or binders, which have been ingested or otherwise absorbed by the body and are believed to have produced a disease or disorder which interferes with homeostasis.” This is how the Detoxosode homeopathic formulations were born.

Dr Kratz was inspired by this recognition of the HPUS. He had a conventional pharmacology training and was aware of the normal, continuous metabolic process of the body to try to rid itself of foreign substances. The Detoxosode formulas would address this concept of homeostasis interference and therefore help the bodily systems’ natural efforts to return back to homeostasis. Dr. Kratz also designed Adaptosode and Biosode homeopathic formulations to serve as supportive formulas to the Detoxosode homeopathic formulations.

Here are the available formulas:

  • ADAPTOSODE STRESS = (General Stress) ( 4oz. & 8oz.)
  • ADAPTOSODE R & R = ( Acute Stress / Trauma / Emergency ( 4oz. & 8oz.)
  • BIOSODE ( Whole Body/Mind System Support) ( 4oz. & 8oz.)
  • DETOXOSODE – OS = ( Organ Systems) ( 4oz. & 8oz.)
  • Allergens / Antigens ( 4oz.)
  • Bacteria ( 4oz.)
  • Chemicals ( 4oz.)
  • Dentals ( 4oz.)
  • Free Radicals ( 4oz.)
  • Fungi & Yeasts ( 4oz.)
  • Metals ( 4oz.)
  • Nematodes ( 4oz.)Parasites ( 4oz.)
  • Pollution – Air ( 4oz.)
  • Pollution – Environs ( Enviroment) ( 4oz.)
  • Radiation ( 4oz.)
  • Rickettsia ( 4oz.)
  • Tobacco ( 4oz.)
  • Viruses ( 4oz.)

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