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Detox with HVS

How can you Detox in a safe healthy way without depriving yourself of key nutrients?

With Homeopathics.

The HVS Homeopathic line was created 30 years ago by Dr. Kratz for safe detox.

His formulations are designed to rid your body of toxins at a cellular level. Dr. Kratz developed the detoxisodes to eliminate harmful substances from the body such as heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, molds and tobacco. Down the road these toxins will contribute to health problems.

Dr. Kratz, PharmD  began manufacturing this highly regarded, professional-line homeopathic formulations in 1979.

The original formulation has remained unchanged for over decades. HVS line of detox homeopathic products is a simple yet powerful way to periodically detox.

The usual protocol is to take the detoxosode for about 2 weeks to clear the unwanted substance and return your body back to homeostasis.

Dr. Kratz also designed Adaptosode and Biosode homeopathic formulations to serve as supportive formulas to the Detoxosode homeopathic formulations.

The adaptasode formulas are used for relief of fatigue, weariness, and to assist your body systems while purging these nasty invaders.  The biosode formulas are designed to  support cell regeneration

The formulations created by HVS can be chosen to customize a cleanse.

Click Here for a complete list of HVS detoxosode formulas. 

It is important that you are working with a health care practitioner to guide you in this process. Call us and we can recommend which formulas are right for you. If you suspect you have toxins that are at the cause of your symptoms it’s a good idea to take a home test to get to the bottom of what unwanted substances are in your system.

Click here for the complete line of Genova at home tests.

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