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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
– Read what our Customers say why they choose to buy from Good Gut Solution

  • Love the coupons and great deals/saving offered!!
  • Terrific prices and impressive product selection is why I shop at GGS!
  • The newsletters and blogs are filled with such important information. Have learned much and made some positive life changes as a result. Thanks. The website is also good to follow as Dr Pam Nathan is always posting new and exciting  news!
  • Good Gut Solution provides stellar service from knowledgeable staff, and believe me, Tammy knows the answers! She is so kind, genuinely cares with terrific professionalism! Good Gut Solution has prompt shipping, good rates and my pkgs have always arrived on time! Always! This company cares and it shows!
  • Because of all the information you provide and a sense that you really know your products
  • I am looking for something to heal the ulcers. I hope for some assurance that a product works. We have spent a lot of money on products that did nothing to heal the ulcers.
  • Better deals.
  • Willingness to answer questions. Knowledgeable people. Gal obviously knew what I was asking about.
  • Your knowledge base.
  • quality, service
  • my dr recommended
  • availability, cost, service
  • a good non-lactose probiotic at reasonable price, a easily digestible and absorbable and helpful prebiotic that a reasonable price, information about each product in great detail to help figure out if product is appropriate to me to take, free shipping on orders over a reasonable price point
  • The price for the VSL#3. Even with the shipping charge. Purchased the prebiotic because of all the information on the website. Thank you!
  • It’s not a case of “instead of”, but rather, a case of, “let’s try this….maybe it will help where others haven’t! It has helped!”
  • Doctor recommended VSL # 3 which is touted as good for Colitis (could not find it in stores). Looking on the www. you had best price and selection and it was sent cold–wonderful. PLUS you took a coupon code. Now re-diagnosed I’ll continue taking VSL.
  • Yes, my home nurse suggested you while taking care of me after surgery.
  • You’re Good as gold!
  • I first bought the Primal Defense from you because it was the best price I found. I was dealing with a lot of health issues and felt if I could heal my gut the issues would very likely improve. So I decided to get advice from the gut doctor…. I believe the prebiotic has helped. At the present I am doing better so I hate to stop taking it for fear I would get worse again!
  • Good Gut Solution were the only provider who posted to Ireland. Postage very expensive for me.
  • recommendation
  • price
  • Happened to find you on internet when gastroenterologist recommended VSL 3, not available in local Pharmacy.
  • I appreciate the informative website and newsletters. Great Service.
  • Because I react to so many products and no one understands this problem. You do! Thanks for your help.
  • Simplicity. Love the newsletters.
  • Good advice on my specific condition before I buy
  • Good service
  • liked the customer service and the available professional support..having been in traditional health care for 30+ yrs– as an administrator at a hospital– prefer holistic care.. whenever possible
  • I do read the news letter and take out of it what I think could help me. Appreciate the information
  • At the beginning it was the price then later it was your kind understanding in regards to our daughter’s complicated problem
  • Because of the blog – great information.
  • your customer service is susperb
  • Great price for Visbiome
  • Happy to find Visbiome Extrs Strength at such reasonable prices
  • You prebiotic has worked wonders for me
  • You recommended that I try Perfect Pass Probiotic. It made such a difference to my bowel movements. I’m impressed.
  • great discounts and great sales
  • Found the information from Genova stool tests to be very useful in solving my problem
  • I was so happy to find the Sun Oven. i use it all the time now
  • quick, reliable delivery
  • I live in Australia and your delivery to OZ is great. Thank you.

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