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Crohn’s in Young Kids

Crohn’s Disease in young kids, or more commonly referred to as Pediatric Crohn’s (even sometimes Pied Crohn’s), is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes swelling. Crohn’s Disease affects the end section of the small intestines, though it is not unheard of that it occur anywhere along the digestive tract, which includes from mouth to anus. Crohn’s Disease in young kids, or Pediatric Crohn’s Disease, is a chronic disease that your child will have to learn to not only manage on a daily basis, but for the rest of their life as well. It is very common that Pediatric Crohn’s Disease will go into periods of remission of which can last long periods of time, up to years. During these remission periods, your child will likely experience no symptoms of the disease and then one day they will suddenly, without warning, reappear.

Are There Any Main Causes Linked to Crohn’s in Young Kids?

There is not yet a known proven cause of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease, though experts do seem to be convinced that the inflammatory bowel disease is a result of three main factors including genetics, environment, and immune system. There is no cure that has yet been discovered, however, there are treatments for Crohn’s Disease is manageable.

What We Do Know

There are approximately 1.4 American’s that suffer from the mysterious inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s. Some things that we do know about the disease is that of those Pediatric Crohn’s cases, 30% of the patients have a close relative that also suffers from the inflammatory bowel disease. Experts also know that Pediatric Crohn’s affects over 100,000 children worldwide and of that number boys and girls are equally diagnosed.

Common symptoms of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease are frequent diarrhea, bloody stools, stomach pain or cramping, excessive gas or bloat, and in some cases, chronic fever.

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