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Crohn’s Friendly Restaurants in San Diego



If you have Crohn’s disease (like 700,000 other Americans do), you know the pain of random flare-ups and try to avoid the foods that can trigger discomfort. Unfortunately, a lot of the most delicious, greasy treats are off-limits, as they irritate your gastrointestinal lining.

But what if you’re on vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world, San Diego, and don’t want to have to worry about navigating through menus for safe foods? You don’t have to subsist on bananas for the duration of your trip. Crohn’s may be a highly individualized disease, but our list of top Crohn’s friendly restaurants in San Diego will have something for everyone. Read on to discover what works for your gut, and where to get it.

Classic Breakfast – Snooze (3940 5th Ave.)

You’ll notice many of the items on this list are chock full of protein – that’s because it’s extremely important to make it about 25% of your diet. Snooze is hugely popular in SD, and for good reason. Have you seen their cinnamon roll pancakes? Well, to be safe, we should probably skip those. And the coffee. Order eggs and an easy-to-digest carb like toast or plain pancakes from the “ahhh la carte” menu, and soak up the sunshine.

Mid-Morning Smoothie – San Diego Blenders (4242 Camino Del Rio N.)

Not a breakfast person? Get a mid-morning smoothie at San Diego Blenders. They’re all made with fresh or frozen fruit, and can be tailored to your specifications. Avoid fruits with seeds – like strawberries and blueberries – and go straight for belly-soothing tropical fruits like bananas (which, incidentally, is an herb), papayas, and mango. Also make sure to specify that you’d like no added sugar or dairy.

Lunch – Bread and Cie (350 University Ave.)

This cafe in Hillcrest is pretty popular, and for good reason – they have a wide range of foods available, from decadent chocolate muffins to fresh-baked bread to healthy salads. Speaking of salads, they have one that’s nearly tailor-made for Crohn’s sufferers. It’s the chicken papaya salad with chicken (obviously), papaya, avocado and Bibb lettuce (SUPER Crohn’s friendly leaves!) tossed with papaya dressing and toasted almonds. Delicious. Obviously, skip the almonds. They’re nothing but trouble.

Dinner – Blue Water Seamarket Food & Grill (3667 India St.)

There’s plenty of fresh protein to choose from here – but we vote salmon. Order it on the plate with jasmine rice, and ask them to skip the salad and add some bread if you’re still hungry. Yes, it’s pretty carb – heavy, but it’s also easy to digest and highly delicious.

Alternative Dinner – Mama’s Bakery & Deli (4237 Alabama St.)

Mama’s got some rave reviews on Yelp, and if you’re in the mood for Mediterranean food, this is a great little spot in Little Italy to check out. Order the plain hummus, or spring for the chicken shawarma plate, complete with lightly marinated chicken breast chunks, basmati rice, hummus, salad & pita. Make sure you skip any tomatoes that might crop up, and definitely skip the fried falafels – as delicious and “vegetarian-virtuous” as they are, they’ll only cause you pain.


You see? It is possible to enjoy yourself and feel good when you head to the best Crohn’s friendly restaurants in San Diego. And this is just the tip of the Crohn’s-friendly iceberg.

In order to ensure a less bumpy intestinal ride, check out our highly effective digestive enzyme that will help you break down those foods that could cause issues. What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore all the happy-belly culinary delights San Diego has to offer!

Image Source: Flickr

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