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Crohn’s Disease and Vomiting

There are many signs and symptoms that Crohn’s sufferers have to live with, some of them extremely painful and uncomfortable. One of the most unpleasant symptoms of Crohn’s is vomiting, which causes many people to spend bouts of time holed up in their bathrooms because they’re afraid to go out.

Vomiting can be painful and inconvenient, and it can be damaging to your health because it prevents the body from getting essential nutrients. If you have Crohn’s and you experience frequent, or even occasional, vomiting, there are some actions you can take to alleviate your discomfort and even get rid of the symptom altogether.

What Leads to Vomiting

Many Crohn’s doctors don’t officially acknowledge a connection between Crohn’s and vomiting. However, others realize there might be a link between Crohn’s and vomiting and are willing to perform extra tests and do more research into an individual patient’s concerns.

Some Crohn’s sufferers experience vomiting when they eat anything solid, which leads many experts to believe that Crohn’s narrows the small intestine so much that food cannot go down. Therefore, it comes back up. You may want to consider juicing your food if you have Crohn’s.

Others who have experienced vomiting with Crohn’s found out that they had obstructions in their intestines that wouldn’t let food pass through. Some people who have reported a vomiting and Crohn’s connection had liver toxicity from medications that they were taking to combat the condition,

How to Reduce or Eliminate Vomiting

In order to effectively reduce or eliminate vomiting, Crohn’s sufferers need to keep track of the medications they take, the food they eat, and any other pertinent details that may give physicians insight into what is causing the vomiting.

Sometimes vomiting can be reduced or eliminated with short-term liquid diets, lower doses of medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, or antibiotics. In extreme cases, surgery has been required to heal the body and stop vomiting.

If you experiences vomiting in combination with Crohn’s disease, your first step in treatment should be to visit your health practitioner.

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