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Crohn’s Disease and Juicing Foods

Health gurus and Crohn’s websites are always touting the benefits of juicing, but should you jump on the bandwagon if you suffer from Crohn’s disease? It depends.

One benefit of juicing is that you can get the healthy vitamins, and antioxidants, of fruits and vegetables in a very concentrated dose. But, juicing foods instead of eating them robs your body of some nutrients it needs, like protein and fiber.

Sometimes, super-fibrous foods are difficult for Crohn’s sufferers to digest, so juicing them can make sense when you want some of the health benefits of the foods but not too much fiber.

When thinking about Crohn’s disease and juicing foods, it’s probably best to take a moderate approach. It might be in your best interest to juice some fruits and vegetables (especially the ones you have a hard time digesting) and to eat other fruits and veggies in their whole forms.

Here’s why:

A Balanced Diet

Even though Crohn’s sufferers have difficulty digesting foods, they still need a balanced diet of protein (including complete proteins), complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Leaving any one of these nutrients out sets your body up for more imbalance in the gut.

The key is to eat a healthy Crohn’s diet that gives you the protein, carbs, and fiber you need without putting extra stress on your digestive tract. This means that you should try to eat as many healthy, whole, plant-based foods as you can. But by all means, include some potent and powerful juices in your daily meal plan.

Key Nutrients

Did you know that protein, even a small amount, can satisfy a hungry tummy and promote healing in the gut? Don’t leave protein out of your diet by going on a juice cleanse or a juice fast. Protein from plant sources like soy, nuts, beans, and even veggies can help heal inflammation, which is something that Crohn’s sufferers should think about.

Essential fats from whole foods like avocado, nuts, nut oils, and seeds are essential for a healthy body and a healthy gut. Essential fats ensure proper cell function, nerve transmission, and immune function. You get essential fats from eating whole food, not juices.

Crohn’s disease and juicing foods can go hand in hand, as long as you don’t rely on juices to give you all of your nutrition. They’ll only leave you with more problems if you rely on them as a sole source of sustenance. Be sure to also check out are article about Colitis and juicing.

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