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Crohn’s Disease and Bruising

Many people with Crohn’s disease find that they seem to bruise easily. Is this common, you may ask? It’s not clear whether there is a definitive correlation between Crohn’s disease and bruising, but reports of this situation from many Crohn’s disease sufferers suggest that there is a link.

Who Experiences Crohn’s Disease and Bruising

Several small studies of Crohn’s disease sufferers, via FDA information and social media, indicate that there is an increased tendency to bruise, especially among females in the 40-49 age group and the over 60 group. Individuals who report an increased tendency to bruise also include people with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteopenia, high blood pressure, and multiple sclerosis.

Reports of Bruising

Data tracked from 2004 to 2012 show a steady increase in reports of bruising each year, with the exception of a slight reduction of reports from 2006 to 2007. There is no substantial data to examine in 2013, and in 2014 data shows a significant decrease in reports of bruising.

Female Vs. Male Reports of Bruising

When looking at data gathered since 2004, 62.03% of reports of bruising and Crohn’s disease originated from women. Men reported bruising and Crohn’s disease 37.97% of the time.

Severity of Bruising

Out of all the reports of bruising and Crohn’s disease, 100 percent of people said that their Crohn’s symptoms were the lease severe, with other choices being moderately severe, severe, and most severe.

While many Crohn’s disease sufferers seem to believe that there is a correlation between the disease and bruising, the small amount of evidence we have to go on does not confirm that the two conditions are related. If you have Crohn’s disease and experience frequent bruising, it’s recommended that you visit your Crohn’s doctor to get a thorough examination.

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