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Colitis and Vomiting

People who suffer from ulcerative colitis may experience many debilitating symptoms, including vomiting. While vomiting is not a typically occurrence in most sufferers, it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for those who suffer.

In many cases of colitis, vomiting occurs when the individual has an extreme intestinal flare-up. These serious flare-ups can happen for a few reasons including:


When a person is severely dehydrated for any reason, vomiting may occur. People who suffer from IBD sometimes get dehydrated more than others who don’t live with the condition, which is why they may be more prone to vomiting.


Some people with ulcerative colitis have a hard time passing diarrhea, which means their bodies strain and they may vomit. The straining is known as a vaso-vegan response. During this response, there is pressure on the vagus nerve and vomiting occurs.


Sufferers are sometimes malnourished because their digestive tracts are not properly absorbing nutrients. Malnutrition can lead to vomiting, which in turn can lead to a more severe case of nutrient loss.

It’s imperative that colitis patients who experience vomiting contact their health professionals if they are not able to keep food down or if they experience frequent vomiting. There are many reasons why an individual with colitis might vomit, so it’s best to get a doctor’s evaluation to see if there is a serious condition that should be examined.

Sometimes a doctor can prescribe colitis medication, or an alternative treatment, to help with episodes of vomiting. There are many lifestyle changes that can be undertaken to get vomiting, and colitis, under control. However, the first step in treatment is to get a complete evaluation from a medical professional who is experienced in cases of this disease.

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