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Take Back Control – Dealing with Colitis Treatments at Home

Everyone experiences digestive issues, however those dealing with colitis symptoms may have to take extra precautions in their day-to-day lives. Flare-ups can cause other health-related concerns as well as hinder a healthy and active lifestyle. Understanding that you have the power to help control colitis symptoms is important though. Let’s take a look at some simple colitis treatments you can do at home.

Adding to and Subtracting from Your Diet

Eliminating certain foods, drinks, and harmful activities from your daily routine can be a great first step towards controlling colitis symptoms. Gluten—in the news lately due to a rise in celiac disease—has been shown to exacerbate colitis symptoms. Similarly, cutting out other dietary components like dairy, meat, processed foods, and alcohol has also been shown to help in controlling colitis symptoms.

There are also certain ingredients that you can add to your diet to help nourish your digestive system and ease flare-ups of colitis symptoms. Herbal remedies like turmeric, probiotics, and psyllium seed/husk can improve daily digestion and be a key colitis treatment at home.

Taking the Stress Out of Your Gut

While dietary modifications are certainly essential to relieving symptoms of colitis, stress relief is also important to improving gut health. Taking time each day to fit in a relaxing, meditative exercise can help reduce the chances of flare-ups throughout the week. Yoga, stretching, or just sitting quietly and practicing breathing exercises can make a difference. Regular exercise, particularly stress-relieving ones, can also play an important role in managing colitis symptoms.

Knowing You Have Options

Stomach ailments like colitis can make you feel helpless. Seeing your physician is important, but utilizing the lifestyle changes and colitis treatments at home allows you to exercise control over the symptoms, giving you back the healthy, active life you deserve.

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