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Can the Natural Approach Help you Find Relief From Colitis Symptoms?

Suffering form colitis can be crippling to your day-to-day routine. According to the Crohns & Colitits Foundation of America, as of 2013, over 700,000 people reported dealing with ulcerative colitis. While you should consult your physician before starting a treatment regimen, more and more people suffering from ulcerative colitis are turning to natural remedies for help.

Sleep and Nutrition

While it’s common knowledge that daily nutrition will affect your digestive system, the first thing a physician may advise for colitis treatment is to change up your diet. Certain foods may aggravate your colitis symptoms and should therefore be avoided. Not only is it important to avoid triggers like spicy foods, gluten, and caffeinated drinks, but it’s also a good idea to maintain a healthy diet in general.

When it comes to colitis treatment natural remedies, getting the right amount of sleep can also be crucial. According to a study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, women diagnosed with ulcerative colitis who got fewer than six or more than nine hours of sleep each day put themselves at increased risk of ulcerative colitis flares.

Exercise and Stress

While exercise should certainly be part of your regular routine, it’s especially important for those suffering from colitis. Some complications from colitis include a compromised immune system, weaker bone density, emotional concerns, and weight management issues. Having a regular exercise routine is a great colitis treatment natural remedy.

Stress also can play a big role when it comes to digestive health and colitis symptom flares. Stress is often tied to your gut, and many people believe stress can make colitis symptoms worse. Counteract these attacks by performing relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga, or even just spending 15-20 moments alone each evening.

Don’t let colitis flares control your lifestyle. Take charge and explore the colitis treatment natural remedies that may help you live better.

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