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Understanding the Serious Symptoms of Colitis and What To Do

Stomach ailments can be hard to talk about. But millions of people struggle with different symptoms each day. Inflammatory bowels are no one’s friends, and some may struggle with the common infection known as colitis and not even know it. Understanding colitis symptoms can help ensure you get the necessary support to relieve and prevent this problematic disruption to your regular, healthy lifestyle.

Staying Ahead of Your Symptoms

While there are different types of colitis, most colitis symptoms revolve around severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. Other more severe indicators may be blood in a bowel movement. Strictly speaking, colitis is the inflammation of the colon, which is responsible for gathering and storing excess waste from digestion. Various circumstances may cause inflammation of the colon and result in colitis, such as an autoimmune disease, a type of infection, or even blood supply concerns.

The abdominal pain one may experience often comes in waves and can lead to diarrhea. If these symptoms become severe, it is important to know that you should seek medical help. Persistent diarrhea, feelings of weakness, dehydration, and fever can all indicate serious concerns and may warrant medical care.

Don’t Forget About Dietary Triggers

While there are many different causes of colitis, a lack of clean drinking water and sanitation—including hygiene in the kitchen area—are the main culprits. Globally, millions continue to struggle with colitis for all types of reasons. Diets can also inflame colitis. Alcohol, meat, dairy, caffeine, foods with refined sugars, and even spicy foods can have a negative effect on your stomach and inflame your digestive system. If you are experiencing these symptoms, don’t ignore them. Colitis and other serious stomach ailments can impede your health and lifestyle in many ways. Learn about what you can do to relieve and prevent the symptoms of colitis today.

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