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Colitis Rash and Skin Effects

Colitis sufferers live with many health conditions, including skin disorders. After arthritis, skin problems are some of the most common extraintestinal side effects. They affect about 5 percent of people. The following are some of the skin disorders with which colitis sufferers have to deal.

Skin Tags

It’s fairly common for individuals with colitis to get skin tags. These skin issues develop around hemorrhoids in, and around, the anus. When hemorrhoid swellings go down, the skin around them becomes thick and forms into small flaps. Bacteria may attach to these skin flaps and irritate the skin. If you develop skin tags, it’s imperative that you practice good hygiene to reduce discomfort and infection.

Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are common with people who have colitis. These fissures are small tears in the anal canal lining. They can crack and bleed, and they often cause pain and itchiness. Anal fissures can be soothed with warm baths and topical ointments.

Erhthema Nodosum

The name of this skin condition means “red bumps.” People with Colitis often get these tender red nodules on their shins and ankles. Sometimes these irritating bumps appear on the arms. Women who have this are more prone to developing erhthema nodosum. This skin condition appears with a flare-up, but it can occur before a flare-up.

Pyoderma Gangrenosum

This skin condition associated with colitis is notable for pus in the skin in areas where there are deep ulcerations. This skin disorder, like erhthema nodosum, typically forms on the shins, ankles, and arms. It looks like small blisters that eventually form together to become one large and deep ulcer.

Colitis patients who experience these skin conditions, or any other painful or uncomfortable skin conditions, should seek the advice from their doctors. Without treatment, many skin conditions can become worse due to severe infection.

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