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Colitis and Gluten

Experts have drawn a pretty finite line connecting the removal of gluten from the diet and the taming of Ulcerative Colitis. Multiple studies have revealed that those patients who have mild to severe Ulcerative  who have had no success with medications to manage Colitis symptoms, found relief from debilitating symptoms upon removal of gluten from their diets.

Even in patients who have successfully tested negative for Celiac Disease, removing gluten from the everyday diet still proved to be successful in managing and even in some cases removing all together symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. Such symptoms include chronic diarrhea, stomach pain and cramping, as well as bloody stools. Since there is no real proven effective cure for Ulcerative Colitis, only the ways that have been proven somewhat effective in symptom management for Colitis, it is therefore important for those individuals that suffer from this to experiment with different diets and lifestyle changes that may prove to reduce their symptoms in an effort to reduce their struggle with such a chronic disease.

The Expert Point of View Over Colitis and Gluten

Experts have said that though once diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, the patient should and must monitor their diet with colitis as a means by which to reduce harsh symptoms of the disease, as well as to promote healing; such a diet has yet to be proven to have anything to do with the contraction of the disease itself. There are not two digestive tracts that are either tolerant or intolerant to the same things as each is unique in its own right, and thus there are not particular foods or diets that experts can say for sure for anyone with the disease to avoid. The best way to check for intolerances is to start with those that most commonly cause flares, and then use the elimination test (eliminating suspected problematic foods from the diet) to determine whether or not an intolerance does in fact exist.

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