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What Does a Colitis Diagnosis Mean?

Large Intestine

While there are many intestinal diseases, viruses, and disorders, colitis is a little different. Simply put, colitis is an irritation that causes the colon to become inflamed. Colitis can be a result of Crohn’s Disease, but isn’t quite the same. Both Crohn’s and colitis are inflammatory bowel diseases, but the difference is that Crohn’s can impact any part of the entire gastrointestinal tract while colitis is limited to the colon, caecum, and rectum.

Treatment plans are tailored to what may be causing your colitis. It’s important to ask your doctor what your options are and be ready to do some trial and error work. Some of the best treatment plans include using medication and a regulated diet, but of course not all diets and medications work the same on every patient.

Colitis Diet Tips

Diet is an important part of regulating colitis. Keeping a food journal and marking down which foods are causing discomfort—such as stomach cramps or diarrhea—is a good idea and sharing this list with a doctor can help with finding treatment plans. The usual suspects include dairy foods and raw, fibrous vegetables and fruits. Taking the time to note which food are problematic may help the doctor determine a treatment plan.

Beverages are also an area that may be overlooked. Water is the best thing to help your body stay regular and healthy. Coffee and sodas may urge extra irritation for colitis, so it’s best to keep these drinks to a minimum. Alcohol can also intensify symptoms. Alcohol may make diarrhea worse while binge drinking often causes dehydration.

Additional Colitis Treatment

Treatments can be tricky and can take some testing to figure out which medications work for you. Anti-inflammatory drugs and immunosuppressant drugs are most often prescribed to help with discomfort associated with colitis, according to the Mayo Clinic. It’s important to read all of the labeling and get as much information from your doctor about any drug being prescribed. Surgery is also a very real option for extreme cases that can’t be regulated with diet or medication.

Additionally, a regular exercise routine can help regulate symptoms. While there isn’t any research indicating that stress causes colitis, it can make symptoms worse or intensified. Just a light workout each day can help with relieving stress in the body and regulating bowel movements.

Studies About Colitis

There have been a number of studies that show probiotics and prebiotics work in reducing colitis symptoms. VSL #3 Probiotics as well as Perfect Pass Probiotics are recommended for managing daily colitis symptoms in a healthy, natural, at-home way. As colitis tends to do well on a natural healing path, a probiotic regime may be the key for certain people to truly master colitis.

You don’t need to live with the symptoms of colitis. Find out more about natural colitis remedies and supplements and take control of your intestinal health today.

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