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Colitis and Alcohol

If you are like most overworked, underpaid and highly stressed Americans, then you probably enjoy a cold one every now and again. For the relaxation effect, of course. However, not everyone suffers from Colitis and if you are one of the few (or not so few, depending on how you look at it) that does suffer from Colitis, then you probably know that this kick your feet up and take a load off concoction will ultimately have the complete opposite effect on you, and in most cases almost always guarantee a flare up.

The science behind whether or not alcohol is okay to drink if you have been diagnosed with Colitis is still rather inconclusive, but if you have Colitis and you drink (even if only on occasion) then you probably know that the two do not mix.

The experts that claim that alcohol will upset Colitis say that it is the sugars in the alcohol that cause the flare ups, and therefore, if you have been diagnosed with Colitis and choose to not abstain from alcohol use, then you should choose an alcoholic beverage that is light on the sugar – vodka for instance.

There are many Colitis patients that swear that avoiding alcohol one hundred percent (100%) has resulted in years of remission from flare ups. They are happier, healthier and able to participate in activities that they did not feel comfortable partaking in before they had begun to understand how abstaining from alcohol would help to manage their Colitis.

Is it Okay to Drink Alcohol if you Have Colitis?

So the answer to the age old question that likely everyone who suffers from Colitis has, at some point at least, wondered, is it depends. Since the science behind whether or not alcohol does in fact cause flare ups is not finite, then it is therefore suggested that those who suffer from Colitis experiment for themselves. Just be sure to do so a night before you have nothing to do the next day!

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