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How to Keep Your Cholesterol Under Control When Traveling

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Being on the go makes it hard for anyone to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, but just because you’re not on your regular routine doesn’t mean you can’t stay on target towards good health.

Cholesterol is one of the most difficult things to control when fast food, gas station snacks, and coffee shop baked goods are just a stop away. While these salty, sugary, or fatty foods may be easy for a long commute or trip, they’re no good for keeping cholesterol in check.

HDL (or “good” cholesterol) is needed to help process and remove LDL (“bad” cholesterol) from your body, so making sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff is essential at all times, especially when you’re running on all cylinders while traveling.

Here are some ways to keep your cholesterol under control when traveling:

Making sure to pack supplements will help you get the nutrients you need without having to scour gas station travel areas for fortified foods or vitamins. B vitamins are recommended to help control your cholesterol even when you’re indulging a bit more than usual, so keeping supplements on hand is a good idea.

You can pack enough supplements of niacin, known to help give good cholesterol a boost in the body, and B-12, which is used to help foster production of red blood cells, to get your through your trip.

Being able to manage your cholesterol means you have to keep both the good and bad in balance and instead of eating fish on the go, it’s much easier to take a fish oil capsule. Cod liver oil capsules, made by Nordic Naturals, provide the natural oil you need.

Additionally, you should also consider packing antioxidant supplements, like Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Antioxidants if you’re not able to eat enough raw vegetables to provide you with the nutrition you need.

Packing raw vegetables and fruit in a small, soft-sided cooler is one way to keep cholesterol balanced by controlling what kinds of snacks you’re eating. A pre-packed snack bag can stop the urges to buy unhealthy food from a gas station.

When it comes to missing out on your regularly scheduled fitness plan, you don’t have to allocate specific time for working out – just incorporate extra steps and walking into your day while you’re out and about.

In the end, one trip is not going to ruin a regularly followed health routine. So, if you’re proactive on a daily basis and make some of these small changes to your on-the-road routine, you won’t have to stress out while you’re traveling!

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