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Standard Homeopathics Recall Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets due to Mislabeling

Standard Homeopathics Issues Nationwide Recall of Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething
Tablets Due to Mislabeling

Hylands HomeopathicsTownsend Letter News, July edition, tells us that Standard Homeopathics is recalling all lots of Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething Tablets sold in retail stores to the consumer level.

They say that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that the medicines have been found to contain inconsistent amounts of Belladonna alkaloids that may differ from the calculated amount on the products’ labels.

They report that the FDA believes that Belladonna represents a serious health hazard to children and that the effects of
belladonna are unpredictable.

The agency has stated to the company, “There is no known safe dose or toxic dose of belladonna in children because of the many factors that affect it.”

Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething Tablets have been used for years to provide
temporary relief of teething symptoms in children. The the recall includes all products that retailers may have had in stock.

Apparently, Standard Homeopathics stopped making and shipping the medicines nationwide in October 2016. This recall
ensures the removal of any possible remaining products that may be on store shelves.

No other Standard Homeopathic Company/ Hyland’s products are affected by this recall.

To quote J.P.Borneman, PhD, chairman and CEO of Standard Homeopathic Company, he says, “We initiated this recall even after discontinuing production last fall because it is appropriate to do what our regulating agency has formally requested. We are committed to maintaining and earning the trust consumers have placed in Standard Homeopathic Company. We have worked for 114 years to build relationships with our consumers. We intend to preserve that tradition of trust.”

Standard Homeopathic Company has been notifying it’s distributors and retailers by mail and is arranging for
the return of all recalled products. They say that consumers who have products which are being recalled should discard
the product.

Please note that consumers who have any questions regarding this recall can contact Standard Homeopathic Company by calling 1-800-991-3376 (Monday-Friday 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time).

They say, too, that consumers ought to contact their physician or healthcare provider if they believe they have
experienced any problems that may be related to taking or using this product.

Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of these products may be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online, www.fda.gov/medwatch/ report.htm

The recall is conducted with the knowledge of the US Food and Drug Administration.

This Is What You Need To Do To Detox

It is that time of year when everyone is thinking or talking about detoxing. Some people like to do fasts, others juice cleanses. Everyone’s heard about the Master Cleanse, that’s the one where you drink water mixed with lemon, cayenne and maple syrup. A lot of doctors actually think the the Mater Cleanse is dangerous as it doesn’t give the body the nutrients it needs to support it. While you detox it’s important to nourish your body and support your liver function.

What if I told you that you could detox without adhering to a special diet?

That sounds good, right? Well, you can actually. You can detox easily and effectively while you continue to eat a balanced diet. Of course you should still eat a clean diet, with hormone free and chemical free proteins and organic fruits and vegetables. It goes without saying that you should also avoid sugar and processed foods while you are detoxing.

How can you detox in a safe, healthy way without starving yourself or depriving yourself of key nutrients?

One way to do it is by using homeopathics to detox. The HVS Homeopathic line was created 30 years ago by Dr. Kratz. His formulations are designed to rid your body of toxins at a cellular level. Each formulation is prepared with five potencies in a pure water base, totally harmless for your body and without side effects.

It was after Allen Kratz, PharmD explored the depths of both conventional and complementary medicine that he developed a therapeutic line of formulas to eliminate harmful substances from the body such as heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, molds and tobacco. Down the road these toxins may contribute to health problems.

How do homeopathics work?

The homeopathic line from Kratz is made up of individualized formulas called Detoxosodes. It works under the assumption that the “toxin” in the formula will affect the body by “training” it to recognize the harmful substance and ultimately purging it. The formulas contain small amounts of the substance that have been targeted for elimination.

The usual protocol is to take the Detoxosode for about two weeks to clear the unwanted substance and return your body back to homeostasis.

Dr. Kratz also designed Adaptosode and Biosode homeopathic formulations to serve as a support system while you detox. The Adaptasode formulas are also used for relief of fatigue, weariness, and to assist your body systems while purging these nasty invaders. The Biosode formulas are designed to support cell regeneration during this process.

The formulations created by HVS can be chosen to customize a cleanse.  Click Here for a complete list of HVS Detoxosode formulas.  

It is important that you are working with a health care practitioner to guide you in this process. Call us and we can recommend which formulas are right for you. The homeopathic line of HVS Detoxosodes are only available by phone oder.

If homeopathics are not right for you Garden of Life has a great one week Raw Cleanse Kit.

If you suspect you have toxins or parasites that are at the cause of your symptoms it’s a good idea to take a home test to get to the bottom of what unwanted organisms are in your system. Click here for the compete line of Doctors Data  and Genova at home tests.

Candida Test that Dr Oz likes

 Dr Oz told us about an excellent way to test and see if you may have a problem with yeast overgrowth or Candida. The test is very easy to do. There is also a questionnaire that you can use to evaluate your symptoms.

Here’s how to do the Candida Saliva Test. Saliva_Test_Sml

1    The night before at bedtime, pour bottled or purified water into  a clear glass and set it down next to your bed. 2    First thing in the morning, work up some saliva and spit it into the glass of water. 3    Then check every 15 minutes for 1 hour. 4    Under normal circumstances your saliva should disappear in the water. 5    However, if you have a Candida overgrowth issue, you will see any one of these three  formations:

  • a    Strings like jellyfish traveling down from the saliva, which floats on top.
  • b    Particles or cloudy specks suspended in the water.
  • c   Cloudy saliva sinking to the bottom of the glass.

Please remember that these two Candida tests are offered as educational tools and as estimated values only. These tests and scores do not replace evaluation by a healthcare professional.

Candida Overgrowth Appraisal

There are 2 sets of questions
Start with these:


– I have silver, mercury amalgam dental fillings.
– I have been vaccinated in the past 5 years.

All other questions refer to the past year only.
– I am shaky or irritable when hungry.
– I have trouble concentrating.
– I feel helpless at times.
– Feel weak all over.
– Crave alcohol (beer, wine, spirits).
– Have taken birth control pills.
– Lost or decreased sexual desire.
– Seem to have lost interest in life.
– React badly to cigarette fumes.
– React badly to chemical fumes.
– Symptoms worse on damp/muggy days.
– Have persistent prostatitis or vaginitis.
– Have taken hydrocortisone type products.
– Have had athlete’s foot and/or jock itch.
– Have cramps with periods.
– My stomach gets sore all over.
– Ears itch at times.
– Bladder infections.
– Urinary frequency or urgency.
– Vaginal discharge.
– More nervous than usual.
– Often dizzy or lightheaded.
– Heart beats fast.
– Constipation and/or diarrhea.
– Mouth ulcers.

Make note of the total from the First Set of Candida Questions   ____

Now look at the second set of questions and make note of your answers

– I crave sugar, desserts or chocolate.
– Crave breads and/or pastries.
– Have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
– Feel tired most of the time.
– Feel “spacey” and unreal.
– Took antibiotics in the past few years.
– Have premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
– Have allergic symptoms often.
– Strong perfumes make me sick.
– Have had skin or nail fungus.
– Have trouble thinking clearly.
– Notice numbness or tingling.
– Get stomach pains.
– Have chronic rashes or itching.
– Have nausea and sick stomach.
– My joints ache at times.
– Muscles ache more often.
– Have depression fairly often.
– Have headaches frequently.
– Have chronic fatigue syndrome.
– Have type 2 diabetes.
– Am significantly overweight.
– Have psoriasis.
– Have mitral valve prolapse.
– Have nasal congestion, postnasal drip.
– Cough often, or have recurrent bronchitis.
– Bruise easily.

Write down the total from Second Set of Candida Questions ____
Now transfer your results below from the first and second sets to see your estimated total yeast overgrowth score.

First Set of Candida Questions: x 1 = ___
Second Set of Candida Questions: x 2 = ____ 
Grand Total: ___

Now evaluate your score
Below 6:  No yeast overgrowth
7 to 12:    Minimal yeast overgrowth
13 to 20:  Moderate yeast overgrowth
21 and higher: Severe yeast overgrowth

If you have yeast overgrowth, consider using effective homeopathic remedies.

Do you have Candida?

Do you think you may have Candida?

Candida Albicans – here’s the scoop you need to know.

Aquaflora Heavy Metal Detox

Aquaflora Heavy Metal Detox

I remember back in the early days of Ecology Medical Clinic, which was the predecessor to Ecology Health Center, Dr.Truss had just recently published his then controversial opinion about what he called ‘systemic candidiasis’. In that we had been working in the realm of ‘functional medicine’ yes, way ahead of our time – every patient who came in to the clinic had an evaluation with several practitioners, the medical doctor, an acupuncturist, a homeopath, an allergy specialist and if needed a holistic dentist. Collectively, we came up with an evaluation and treatment plan for each individual.

The correct CPT diagnosis code to be used for many of our patients was Systemic Candidiasis. The patients’ insurance was billed and pretty soon we were flooded with many rejections from the insurance companies saying that systemic candidiasis would not be covered in the light of the review of the patients’ chart notes. To the insurance companies, at that time, this diagnosis would refer to people on their deathbeds, covered from head to toe with incurable fungal overgrowth.

Aquaflora Probiotic Restoration

Aquaflora Probiotic Restoration

A lot has changed since the 80’s. Candida is still something that many physicians choose to ignore as a true condition however, for those of us involved in complementary medicine, this is an important part of any differential diagnosis, particularly because the symptoms associated with candida overgrowth covers many systems within the body from brain fog and headaches, to bloating and vaginal infections – you name it, it can possibly be that those symptoms all over their bodies, all relate to overgrowth of yeast in the body.

Aquaflora High Potency

Aquaflora High Potency

Patients have an extremely hard time overcoming candida for many reasons.

Firstly, how severe is it? In other words, how diligent do you have to be to get rid of it. And secondly, what methods are you going to use to get it under control? The second question opens up a huge can of worms because each practitioner that the patient consults with will tell them something different.

Who are they to believe? And then, the truth be told, even I, as a ‘seasoned’ candida treatment coordinator, may use several different approaches and choice of treatment protocols, depending on the individual patient.

One of the challenges with herbal and nutritional options is that some strains of yeast will respond better to certain anti fungals than others, and of course certain individuals will do better with herbs than others, again depending on the first question I posed, ie how severe is the condition.

Aquaflora Enzyme Restoration

Aquaflora Enzyme Restoration

One approach that I use consistently and find very reliable is using homeopathic remedies as part of the treatment protocol. King Bio has formulated a protocol using 4 combinations homeopathic remedies that are very effective.  It goes hand in hand with people literally confirming their own diagnosis by taking the Candida Overgrowth Appraisaland the Saliva Test to find out if you have the telltale signs of Candida overgrowth. The Saliva test was shown on Dr Oz’s show, on May 28, 2013. Even he thinks it is a valuable tool to assess candida overgrowth. You can tell how much I admire Dr Oz, right?

So yes, you do the test,  and the assessment and follow through with the remedies based on what you find out. Then you redo the test and continue with the protocol of using the 4 combination remedies, based on the test results and how you feel.

Many symptoms of Candida overgrowth are addressed by King Bio’s Aquaflora homeopathic remedies, These include yeast infections, thrush, nail fungus, confusion, headache, dizziness, indigestion, fatigue, bloating, food cravings, stomach pain, and skin irritations.

What homeopathic remedies do is activate the body’s natural healing powers by following the law of similars, which says that “like cures like.” Even today, this is considered a recognized pharmacological principle.

Why do I like using Homeopathics? They are very safe. You know that in the 200 odd years of clinical use, homeopathic medicines have no recorded negative side effects and also no negative interactions with other drugs. In fact, homeopathic s were the first of all natural remedies to be recognized by the FDA as pharmaceutical drug products.

Here are the four Aquaflora, King Bio Candida remedies:                                            

1. High Potency 9 – this is a  broad-spectrum remedy used for Candida balance and relief of yeast overgrowth, headaches & cravings. Dr. Frank King  thinks that this the  foundational product for Candida balance.

2. Enzyme Restoration. This combination is used for upper GI balance from the mouth to the stomach. It focuses on relieving unpleasant digestive symptoms like heartburn, vomiting, colic, reflux burping, acid indigestion etc.

3. Probiotic Restoration. This one is used primarily for balancing the lower GI tract,  from the stomach to the bowels. The remedy may also be used between meals to ease bloating, nausea, cramps, diarrhea and constipation.

4. Heavy Metal Detox. This homeopathic combination targets heavy metal toxicity, which often accompanies Candida overgrowth. It provides relief for symptoms like a metallic taste in the mouth, fatigue, and also confusion.

I like using this particular remedy combination from King Bio. They use multiple ingredients in multiple potencies. The clinically-proven ingredients and potencies are able to minimize negative side effects and quickly  bring the body back into balance.

It’s interesting to note that High Potency 9 includes remedies that provide emotional support as well. Included are 3 flower remedies that help balance the feeling of  well-being during the healing process. I love the way they are made as well. All the remedies have no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol and no gluten. and of course, no refrigeration is necessary. The remedies are also Bio-Energetically Enhanced™, taste-free and made in a pure water base. The pleasant, neutral flavor is a great asset when treating kids. It eliminates any resistance from finicky children. It also caters to taste-sensitive adults.

3 of the 4 recommended homeopathics formulas have a Unique spray delivery system. The 2-ounce oral spray bottles are very convenient to use. You’re able to control dosage and easily use for people of all ages, eliminating the need for dropper bottles or tablets.

I might add, at this point, that I have never found a way to successfully treat candida overgrowth without a conscientious change in eating patterns at the same time.

Do you have Candida? Find out now.
Take the test and do take the appraisal questionnaire at the same time.
If yes?

Order now and start taking the homeopathic remedies that will make you feel better.

Remember to modify your eating patterns as well. 

Homeopathy Works

I was first introduced to homeopathy serendipitously when my son Alan, now a handsome 44 year old man, was just 2 years old – he was diagnosed with bronchial allergies and subjected to eventual medical protocol of adult dosage of oral bronchial dilators and antihistamines, supported by his physician’s instructions to dose him with a 10 day course of antibiotics whenever his nose started to run – in anticipation of aborting an acute cold and flu attack that could potentially lead to an asthma attack.

Poor little Alan – as a result of following these recommendations he slowly deteriorated over a period of time. He became lethargic and quiet. His face was pale with little hard pimples, and of course, regularly subjected to antibiotic dosage. Eventually the system broke down and there I was, a young and innocent mom, standing in front of his MD’s house, (he happened to live just down the road) Alan cradled in my arms, blue lips and frantically gasping for breath.

Alan Nathan says Homeopathy Works

Alan Nathan says
‘Homeopathy Works’!

Alan was hospitalized immediately and given adrenalin shots. His breathing slowly returned to ‘almost’ normal. We were there for hours. Eventually, the hospital physician stepped in to the room and he recommended to follow up with steroids.

This was when my intuitive self stepped in. Although I knew little about other options, this was a ‘no no’ for me. It sounded much too invasive for a two year old little boy. So with that,  I whipped him out of the hospital and went home, very relieved that he was breathing easily again, but internally frantic about where next to turn.

Just 2 days later, Arianne Koven, a friend of a cousin who happened to be living with us at the time, came over to visit him. I had never met her before. Fast forward – by the time she left, my ‘new best friend’ had called and set up an appointment for Alan to see Dr Phil Sherwin who was a homeopath and naturopath.

The first thing that impressed me was the time he took with his intake. He showed great sympathy towards me, a sobbing, almost hysterical, young mom – listening carefully to every detail. He prescribed 2 different bottles of homeopathy remedies and also asked that I modify what he was eating. He suggested that Alan stay away from refined grains and sugar.

He said to continue with the drugs Alan had been given while I introduced homeopathy and then to slowly reduce the amount of drugs he was taking on a daily basis.

The changes that occurred were remarkable. Within weeks, the lethargic, pale-faced little boy was climbing trees in the back yard. All the little pimples that covered his forehead and cheeks disappeared. His eyes were bright and sparkling; his whole countenance changed. I was amazed. As apprehensive as I was to cut back on the drugs, these were certainly encouraging signs to give me confidence to follow through. I slowly reduced the drugs.

Over a period of about 3 months, the drugs were no longer needed. He was using homeopathy remedies on a daily basis as maintenance. I also purchased a homeopathic first aid kit so that at the first sign of any change in his symptoms, as a result of an acute cold or flu episode, we were able to address it immediately and treat the symptoms using a natural and drugless approach, homeopathy.

I only came to know many years later, that the ‘magic’ formula that worked so well for Alan was D43  
BronchoAsthmonol – a particular combination that I still prescribe today.

I was amazed! These homeopathy remedies really worked! I couldn’t quite believe it, given Alan’s history of daily doses of adult strength dangerous drugs that weren’t helping anymore.

My younger daughter, Carly was just a few months old at the time. She had already been subjected to several rounds of antibiotics for acute infections. Immediately, I started using Dr Sherwin’s recommendations for the nursery as well.  A B C, or Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla, were the three remedies that worked like a charm for almost all the acute symptoms that she would display. Soon, I was using homeopathy for all three kids, as well as making appropriate recommendations for their wide circle of friends in the neighborhood.

This was what motivated me to enroll in a four year program to become a Doctor of Homeopathy at Lindlahr College in Johannesburg. Homeopathy worked like magic. And I wanted to know how. At first it was hard to embrace concepts like ’the vital force’ and ‘the law of the minimum dose’. It was as if I had been wearing pink colored glasses and now I was wearing green colored glasses. In other words, I was looking at the same child and the same set of symptoms, yet from a different perspective.

To start with it took time to adjust, but after a while, there was no problem at all. Now, I forget sometimes, that the public at large is not necessarily familiar with these concepts. Let me give you a quick synopsis:

Dr Samuel Hahnemann

Dr Samuel Hahnemann is regarded as the father of homeopathy. He was a physician in Germany. Hahnemann was very dissatisfied with how medicine was practiced in his time. He particularly objected to practices like bloodletting. He thought that the medicine he had been taught to use sometimes did the patient more harm than good.

He gave up his practice around 1784, and worked mainly as a writer and translator. It was while he was translating William Cullen’s A Treatise on the Materia Medica, that he questioned the claim that cinchona, Peruvian tree bark, was effective in treating malaria because of its astringent nature.

Hahnemann challenged this statement by experimenting himself and he, himself, took doses of cinchona. What he found was that cinchona induced malaria-like symptoms in himself. He realized, then, that this would happen if given to any healthy individual and so he began to postulate a healing principle i.e. “that which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms.”

This is the principle known as similia similimum curatur, or like cures like. It became the basis for the approach to medicine that he gave the name homeopathy. He tested many remedies this way, on himself and others around him, making careful notes about what symptoms were associated with taking them.

Now he had to figure out how to deal with the effect of taking a gross amount of the remedy that would cause some toxicity. That’s when he started exploring the use of dilutions of the compounds he was testing. He used a preparation technique of diluting and ‘succussing’ of the compounds. This meant that he diluted the remedy several times, in a systematically way, also using a vigorous shaking method i.e. succussion, which he explained, ‘potentized’ the compound, making it even more effective in reducing symptoms of those who are sick. His new techniques attracted lots of other doctors. He then published The Organon which explains his theories.

Hahnemann continued practicing and researching homeopathy, as well as writing and lecturing for the rest of his life. He died in 1843 in Paris, at 88 years of age, and he was entombed in a mausoleum at Paris’s Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Homeopaths talk about the vital force. What is that? Hard to explain. We are so used to thinking chemistry and pathology in conventional medicine. Yet. both Homeopathy and Acupuncture embrace the concept of something intangible.

The Viral Force

The vital force is an invisible energy that gives each person his or her own individual, unique qualities. Its the ‘force’ that everyone has within themselves from the time they are born until the time they die.  If this energy is blocked,  it creates stagnation and allows illnesses to develop.  However, when the vital force is strong, the viruses, bacteria and parasites do not have an effect on the body.  If the vital force is blocked the pathogens can make the individual sick.

Classical approach to homeopathy looks to find the correct homeopathic remedy for each individual.  In other words, the energy of the ‘correct’ homeopathic remedy would ‘match’ the energy of that person’s vital force.  The homeopathic remedy ‘unblocks’ the person’s ‘stuck’ energy.

According to Homeopathy, the body is self-regulating and given the right environment like healthy foods, beneficial nutrients, exercise and mental stability, the body has the ability to heal itself.

Based on the principle that ‘like cures like’ when a person is ill, the right remedy stimulates the person’s own vital force to re-balance and allows the body to heal itself.

In those days, few people really understood the concept of ‘energy’ and so for the longest time, the medical profession regarded homeopathic remedies as placebos. Now there are far more sophisticated methods of measuring energy.

I met Dana Ullman when I first came to live in San Diego thirty-five years ago. He has been a staunch advocate for the safe and effective use of homeopathy for all these years. Here is the link to his website.- you’ll find loads of educational material to continue broadening your knowledge of homeopathy.

Did you know?

There’s a bust of Dr Hahnemann in Washington, DC, located at Scott Circle, at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue.

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