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8 Reasons to Choose Spray Vitamins

Chart showing Spray Vitamins best for instant Oral Absorption

  • If you’re looking for the fastest, most effective and most economical way of getting all your nutritional needs met, use vitamin sprays.
  • They are one of the most efficient ways to supplement with all the nutrients that your body needs.
  • Oral absorption is now the preferred choice for health care practitioners and physicians alike. In fact, Massachusetts General Hospital reported that nutrients or medicines administered as a oral liquid, reach a higher blood concentration more quickly than when given in pill form.

8  Reasons to choose Spray Vitamins

Within seconds, the vital nutrients are absorbed through the mouth and goes via the bloodstream to the various parts of the body for immediate use.

The Physician’s Desk Reference confirms that oral spray vitamins have shown to be up to 90% effective, in comparison to vitamins and minerals tablets or capsules that are only 10-20% absorbed by the body (see chart)

Spray Vitamin are pure. They don’t have any adhesive agents, fillers or binders that are so often found in capsules, pills or tablets. You only get the pure nutritional ingredients.

The anti-microbial spray containers eliminate any contamination caused by touching or even oxidation by exposure to the air before being used. This again, ensures vitamin purity and bioavailability.

Spray vitamins avoid the peaks and valleys of vitamin availability which is often the case when you use a ‘one-a-day supplement’. Vitamin sprays can easily be used every few hours. This way you can be sure to have a more even nutrient distribution throughout the day going to all parts of your body.

Spray Vitamins are convenient to take anywhere and at anytime and it only takes a few seconds. You don’t need water or any other container. They fit easily into your purse or pocket.

Oral Spray Vitamins supplements are more economical than vitamin capsules, tablets or drinks as the cost per dose is far less and you can take into account purity, absorption and bioavailablity.

Spray vitamins supplements are completely safe. They can be used by adults (even the elderly) and children alike, and particularly those suffering with digestive disorders, which often makes using capsules or pills difficult to take. These people may also have problems absorbing nutrients.

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Are We Being Overexposed to Blue Light?

Overexposed to Blue Light?

A macro shot of a pretty eye and lashes

Based on the opinion from a recent Nordic Naturals educational article, for lots of us the answer is yes, we are overexposed to to blue light .


This is because cell phones, TV, computers and LEDs have increased our exposure to blue light a lot.

What is Blue Light?

Sunlight is made up of a complete spectrum of colors. Each of the colors has a specific wavelength. When the wave lengths are longer they are less energetic but when they are shorter the wave lengths are more energetic.

Blue light happens to be one of the shortest and most energetic wave lengths.

It has a very rapid up-and-down action and this causes a flickering effect which in turn can strain the eyes.

What happens to our eyes as a result of blue light overexposure?

Overexposure together with the eye’s inability to block out blue light efficiently can lead to blue light damage.

The cornea and lens do block harmful UV light however blue light is not blocked and it passes through to the retina which is light sensitive.

In the short term this type of exposure may lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue, strains, and even headaches.

Then, long term exposure may result in retinal damage and other age-related eye problems.
Nutrients that provide Natural Defense.

Fortunately, lutein and zeaxanthin naturally defend the eyes by filtering out blue light.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are what we refer to as carotenoids.

  • They are found in high concentrations in the eye’s macula.
  • They give the macula it’s yellow color. It’s the macular pigment that is able to be an optical filter that protects against light and also aids in easing the damage that is caused by blue-light*.

Omega-3 EPA and DHA also play an important role in eye health.

EPA helps to reduce excessive cellular stress and inflammation, which may be found with eye dryness*.

DHA supports the production of meibum, which is a lipid-rich secretion that contributes to health of the ocular surface.*

Nordic Naturals ProDHA Eye helps overexposed to blue lightAll these natural nutritional nutrients, i.e. Omega-3, lutein, and zeaxanthin are found in our food, however, often we don’t eat enough of those foods that contain these specific nutrients.

Nordic Natural’s ProDHA Eye is an excellent choice. They only use superior high quality omegas.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera Concentrate

Aloe Vera leaf

Did you know?

  • Aloe Vera is actually a succulent from the garlic family and not a cactus.
  • There are over 300 species.
  • When the entire leaf is used, all 200 different nutrients are available in only 1% of the plant’s juice.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It has pH of 4.7- 5.2, which makes it an ideal support for good digestion.
  • When you take it before meals it encourages healthy gastric juices as well as HCL, i.e. hydrochloric acid, to flow effectively which encourages regular bowel movements.

    Why use Aloe Complete’s Aloe Vera Concentrate?

Their Aloe Vera concentrate only uses the leaves from the highly effective and potent Aloe Barbadensis Miller Plant. This is different to many other Aloe Vera juice products on the market today.

It’s the whole leaf that contains the highest concentration of all the nutrients that contribute to it’s remarkable beneficial potential.

In actual fact the leaves contain more than 200 nutritional components like vitamins and Minerals, even amino acids and enzymes and also growth factor. Aloe Complete only uses the highest quality of concentrates & natural fruits. There are absolutely no artificial colors or flavoring in their product.

Besides the high quality aloe vera leaf concentrate, this formula also contains Raspberry and Black Cherry Fruit concentrate and an extract blend of Hawthorne, Bilberry, Schizandra and Acerola.

Schizandra is a Chinese herb that is a powerful adaptogen. It helps to relieve stress. It is also used as a liver, kidney and lung tonic and assists with cognitive functions, mental focus and memory.

Read more about the benefits of Aloe Complete’s Aloe Cherry Berry Formula. You’ll be amazed at all its benefits

Click Here to read why Aloe Complete’s formula is best.

Click Here to learn what the nutritional components are.

Read about how it helps with Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Read about Aloe Complete’s superior manufacturing practices.

Liquid Aloe is easy to drink on it’s own or you can add it to your Smoothies.

Try out this recipe from Yogi Times for a refreshing drink loaded with health benefits: Ingredients:

  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • Fresh mint for garnish
  • 8 oz. filtered water

Place the juice of one lemon in a high speed blender, add  water, honey and the aloe vera. Blend gently and serve with a few leaves of fresh mint for garnish.


Starbucks Natural Stevia Sweetener Now Available

Starbucks is offering a natural sweetener with Stevia

Starbucks is now serving Stevia Natural Sweetener

I walked in to my local Starbucks yesterday to find that they are offering a natural sweetener that contains Stevia. Go Starbucks! I’m very impressed.

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee chain. They are serving its first stevia-based, zero-calorie sweetener at over 9,000 select cafes in the U.S. and Canada.

The packets called “Nature Sweet” are produced by Whole Earth Sweetener Company.

The packets not only contain Stevia but also extracts of the Southeast Asian monk fruit and chicory root fiber. It also contains some erythritol and fructose. It is Kosher Parev (U) with no artificial chemicals and is GMO-free. Here is the ingredient list.

It’s interesting to find out that the demand for artificial sweeteners like Splenda has slowed down as consumers are now seeking out products with natural ingredients.

To quote Nick DeJulio, Starbucks brand manager. He says, “This is Starbucks first Stevia-based zero-calorie sweetener. Whole Earth Sweetener Company’s sweetener will help us address the needs of customers looking to cut back on calories without compromising on taste.”

Russ Moroz, vice president of Research & Development and Quality, Whole Earth Sweetener Company, adds, “Every sweetener sourced from natural ingredients has different flavor characteristics. Some become sweet quickly then dissipate, while others have undesirable aftertastes. The magic in Whole Earth Sweetener Company’s Nature Sweet is a premium proprietary blend of sweeteners sourced from natural ingredients that are carefully crafted to offer the same great flavor profile as sugar without the calories.”

Why this Ginseng is the Right Choice to Fight Fatigue

Are You Tired and Looking to Increase Your Energy?

More and more people are looking for a way to increase their energy.  At the same time, people are  concerned about over consuming highly-caffeinated energy drinks or supplements. People are just simply looking for a different type of energy that will not give them a jittery feeling, one often associated with taking in an excessive amount of caffeine. That’s why we recommend looking at Ginseng as a good alternative. It is caffeine-free and the effect lasts for a long time, keeping you in a good mood and feeling alert. Ilhwa’s Ginseng is a particularly reliable selection.

How Does Ginseng Absorb in Your Body?

Ginseng’s unique active ingredient ginsenosides, possess important medicinal properties. Key ginsenosides from ginseng extract are not fully absorbed until they reach the lower intestine. After Ginseng is consumed, natural ginsenosides enter the stomach and small intestines without being digested.

Absorption in the Body

Absorption: Person-to-Person

Because the key ginsenosides are finally absorbed in the colon, many people do not fully absorb ginseng and gain all the benefits.

When the ginsenosides enter the large intestines, the beneficial bacteria residing in the large intestines play a very important role in metabolizing natural ginsenosides into highly absorbable compounds.

Individual Absorption Differences

How Does GinST 15 Solve the Absorption Problem?

ginseng elixir from IlhwaAs the world leader in ginseng science, Ilwa was determined to find a solution to this problem of absorption. Through diligent scientific research they discovered the main end stage metabolite and named it IH 901. This was the key marker which Ilhwa tracks when they work with the whole balanced ginseng extract, which is not fractionalized ginsenosides. In 1999 they secured 2 patents for creating ginseng extract metabolites via human bacteria.

They have continued their diligent work developing a high yield enzyme fermentation process with their famous ginseng extract. In fact they created 2 more patents in 2009 and 2010.

Since 1981 Ilhwa created a research and development center, and they have used the best in scientific research to create breakthroughs in ginseng growth, harvesting, processing and extraction. For the past 40 years ILHWA has done continuous scientific research and development making them the World Leader in Ginseng Science.

Ilhwa uses the best that modern science has to offer in all of its research and development. They really honor the essence of the remarkable ginseng root, which has been used for 5,000 years to heal and optimize the human performance. GinST 15 high absorption enzyme fermented ginseng is the result of dedicated science that honors the integrity of nature.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Stress Management
  • Smooth energy, vibrancy, and mental clarity.
  • Optimizing your performance
  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Improved Sexual Function
  • Hormone Balance
  • Regulates Sleep

We recommend that you take GinST 15 everyday to bring your body into balance. Click Here to purchase.

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