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Why Dirt Is Good


Good Dirt Why is Dirt in our Environmnet so Good For Us?

Microbiome Experts, Jack Gilbert, director of the University of Chicago Microbiome Center, and Rob Knight, director of the University of California Center for Microbiome Innovation, along with science writer Sandra Blakeslee recently wrote a book explaining how the environment interacts with our Microbiome. In their book “Dirt is Good”  they go on to explain scientific findings which show how good for us dirt is. “Exposure to natural healthy bacteria in the environment is really important for training our immune system and making sure it doesn’t go really haywire and attack us,” explains Jack.

This means that the more dirt you expose your children to at a young age, the better off their immune system is. Let them play outdoors in nature, in the ocean, streams, and on playgrounds. Let them play with animals. Getting dirty is a good thing. Another suggestion is to not go overboard in sterilizing everything they come in contact with or put in their mouth.

Not only do the microbes in your gut affect your immune system but they also play a role in almost every system in your body. Click Here to read more about your microbiome.

Scientists have found that your gut plays an important role in your brains neurotransmitters. Did you know that over 90% of serotonin is produced in your gut?

Having a balanced microbiome is crucial for gut health too. It plays a role in your metabolism, your propensity towards certain food cravings, obesity, and even Type 2 Diabetes.

Click Here to Read More about the book “Dirt Is Good.”

8 Reasons to Choose Spray Vitamins

Chart showing Spray Vitamins best for instant Oral Absorption

  • If you’re looking for the fastest, most effective and most economical way of getting all your nutritional needs met, use vitamin sprays.
  • They are one of the most efficient ways to supplement with all the nutrients that your body needs.
  • Oral absorption is now the preferred choice for health care practitioners and physicians alike. In fact, Massachusetts General Hospital reported that nutrients or medicines administered as a oral liquid, reach a higher blood concentration more quickly than when given in pill form.

8  Reasons to choose Spray Vitamins

Within seconds, the vital nutrients are absorbed through the mouth and goes via the bloodstream to the various parts of the body for immediate use.

The Physician’s Desk Reference confirms that oral spray vitamins have shown to be up to 90% effective, in comparison to vitamins and minerals tablets or capsules that are only 10-20% absorbed by the body (see chart)

Spray Vitamin are pure. They don’t have any adhesive agents, fillers or binders that are so often found in capsules, pills or tablets. You only get the pure nutritional ingredients.

The anti-microbial spray containers eliminate any contamination caused by touching or even oxidation by exposure to the air before being used. This again, ensures vitamin purity and bioavailability.

Spray vitamins avoid the peaks and valleys of vitamin availability which is often the case when you use a ‘one-a-day supplement’. Vitamin sprays can easily be used every few hours. This way you can be sure to have a more even nutrient distribution throughout the day going to all parts of your body.

Spray Vitamins are convenient to take anywhere and at anytime and it only takes a few seconds. You don’t need water or any other container. They fit easily into your purse or pocket.

Oral Spray Vitamins supplements are more economical than vitamin capsules, tablets or drinks as the cost per dose is far less and you can take into account purity, absorption and bioavailablity.

Spray vitamins supplements are completely safe. They can be used by adults (even the elderly) and children alike, and particularly those suffering with digestive disorders, which often makes using capsules or pills difficult to take. These people may also have problems absorbing nutrients.

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Why is it Important to Have Good Gut Bacteria During Your Pregnancy?

Where Does our Micro-biome Come From?

Did you know that as an expectant mother it’s even more important to have healthy gut bacteria? We know that having a healthy diet is crucial for a developing baby. What most people don’t know is that our micro-biome, this is our “good gut bacteria”, is passed on to our baby during the birthing process and though our breast milk.

GGS Image BacteriaWe have lots of new information from microbiologist Kiran Krishnan about these important microbes. We love sharing all the latest research with you. Check out our second installment of the Microbiome Series.

Kiran explains that 99.9% of our micro-biome is passed on during the birthing process through the birth canal. There are up to 800 different species of these bacteria found in a mothers breast milk. We think you’ll agree that it’s so important to pass the best possible micro-biome on to your children.

Kiran’s research shows that by the age of 2 1/2  children have established their full adult micro-biome. Lets take a look at the lifestyle factors that can affect the diversity and abundance of these protective organisms in our gut.

 Negative Effects on Good Gut Bacteria During Pregnancy and Childhood

  • Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria with the bad
  • Fluoride in our drinking water will negatively affect the good gut bacteria
  • Toxic household cleaners should be avoided, check out the EWG guide to see how yours’ are ranked
  • Preservatives in our food are a no no
  • Living too cleanly…let your children get into the dirt and get dirty

Kiran Krishnan, gut bacteria, human microbiome


Stay tuned for the next installment in our series of talks with Kiran and learn about the latest research findings on the Human Micro-biome and Perfect Pass Probiotics. Kiran has been studying the micro-biome and researching the effects of Bacillus strain probiotics in over one dozen clinical trials.

Karen Thomas Autism Resources

Pat Gesualdo

Pat Gesualdo

Karen Thomas’ radio/podcast show is released on the first day of each month. It offers educational value, solutions and resources to help you heal your child from the symptoms of autism, including interviews with special guests. The current show released today, February 1, 2016, at www.autismone.org, is with Pat Gesualdo who is well known in over 15 countries for his drum therapy method.

Drumming Stops Violence in Special Needs Children.
“A cutting edge approach to healing Autism and other disabilities in children, using rhythms and patterns proven to re-train the synapses in the brain”.
Surrey, England & Montville, New Jersey – Aug 27, 2014
Children Increased Grade Point Average and Learned Social Skills
To read the entire study go to Karen’s blog.

Join Karen Thomas’s Autism Parent Program

Karen is putting together a program to help parents of children with autism. It’s not quite ready, but if you are a parent and you are interested in guided, researched information from which she healed her own son from his symptoms of autism then please go to www.naturallyhealingautism.com, enter your address, and she’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Karen Thomas’ book, Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents, is available to assist you with answers you need now.

Watch for Karen’s soon-to-be released book, The Quick Guide to Naturally Healing Autism.
Follow Karen at: www.facebook.com/naturallyhealingautism, and www.twitter.com/autismnatural.

Read Karen’s guest blog post on Austism and Gut Health


Gut Health and Autism

Autism and Gut Health

My name is Karen Thomas and I am excited to have been asked by Dr. Pamela Nathan
to be a regular guest on her blog at www.goodgutsolution.com. There is so much that I have to share with you.

I, myself, found crohns.net, before they rebranded to Good Gut Solution, while I was searching for help when my own son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, in 2006.

I have successfully used the educational information and products here for ten years now. Pamela’s website was so helpful to me during this time that I even wrote about it in my book, Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents.

Curiously, Pamela and I are very alike. Our separate journeys began when our own sons had health problems that no one seemed to have any truly helpful answers for.

Pamela’s son had asthma, and my son was diagnosed with autism. Doctors always offer drugs that compromise the system in some way while only masking symptoms, but not healing the causes.

Luckily for us, moms don’t give up. We kept searching for solutions to help our boys regain their health, naturally…and guess what? We did it! I am happy to be able to share my knowledge and resources to help you regain and maintain the proper health that you and your family are looking for.

How My Journey with Autism Began

My husband and I began taking our son, Jacob, to therapists when he was five years old. He wouldn’t listen to us no matter what we did. It was exhausting. Various therapists all told us we just needed to be firmer with discipline, basically telling us that we weren’t doing a good enough job as parents. When he was ten years old we sought out yet another therapist who finally told us that he thought Jacob had Asperger’s Syndrome. This was in 2006.

In 2006, there was not a lot of information about autism or Asperger’s Syndrome so I really had to do some searching on my own to educate myself. We soon found a therapist who was a specialist in the field of autism. Had we thought this was what Jacob had going on we would have sought out a specialist in the beginning. It is always a good idea to visit an autism specialist, so it can be ruled in or out accurately.

Parents need to know what’s really going on so they can learn what to do to help their child with his personal needs correctly. After some testing we soon had our diagnosis. Yes, Jacob was on the autism spectrum. Our therapist told us she believed it to be Asperger’s Syndrome.

My son’s symptomsnaturallyhealingautisim-son

My son’s symptoms included anxiety, social awkwardness, trouble sleeping, headaches, stomach aches so bad he would scream out in pain at 2:00 a.m., agitated depression, (which meant that when he was depressed he would act out in anger), and the specialist told us it was the worst case of oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) that she had ever seen.

After the official diagnosis there is an emotional roller coaster. First came the feeling of surprise, then relief, then grief, (relief and grief jump back and forth for a while), then determination to do whatever I needed to do to help him get better. Children are our greatest teachers.

After the diagnosis we received no help. The specialist gave me the number of a social behavioral therapist and told me to try that. I know now that a child cannot do what is asked of him if his brain is filled with toxins. The social behavioral therapist told me I should medicate him and that I would be helping him if I did, and hurting him if I didn’t. I refused.

My background in holistic health led me to believe my son could get better if I found what his body needed to do so. I began researching and spending thousands of dollars on trial and error until I finally figured it out.

As Jacob’s symptoms of autism began to disappear other parents noticed. Mothers I knew would stop me in the grocery store and ask me questions about issues their own children had. As I answered them they would scramble for an old piece of paper to write down what I had to tell them.

I soon realized that I had to write a book to share all of my valuable information with other parents who were looking for ways to heal their children from their own symptoms of autism. It took me six years to write my book that is now available to you.

Today, Jacob is 19, away at college, his ODD is gone, he is calm, happy, has no stomach aches or headaches, and he is enjoyable to be around. I look forward to showing you what I did to relieve him of his symptoms of autism, and what you can do for your child too.

The First Step to Healing Autism

People ask if autism can actually be healed. The truth is that autism is a biological illness, not a mental illness, therefore, it can be healed.

As a mother of a child who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and recovered from it, I can tell you that autism can be healed. I did it with my own son without the use of any drugs. Many more have done the same.

Nutrition and natural modalities give the body what it needs to heal without any dangerous side effects.
Read more stories about children with autism getting better from themselves and their parents.
There are three stages necessary for your child to get better. These three stages are:

Stage one: Healing the gut
Stage two: Heavy metal detoxification
Stage three: Brain support and repair.

It is important to start at the beginning. First understand the importance of healing the gut. Yes, his gut is what is allowing many harmful toxins to enter into the bloodstream that go to his brain. When the brain is filled with toxins it cannot function properly. The gut is also known as the second brain.

Common symptoms of a toxic brain are anger, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, impulsivity, depression, anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, and much more. The gut also makes up 80% of the immune system, so its health is vital to our health. Learn more about the symptoms of autism and take a look at what Dr. Pam recommends.

Support the Liver
Begin by supporting his liver. The liver is the organ of detoxification. It is commonly congested in children on the autism spectrum. If the liver is not working properly it cannot remove toxic debris fast enough and these toxins end up backing up into the organs of the body including the brain.

An easy way to support the liver is with a product containing milk thistle. I have had great success with the product Liver Life by Bioray. liver-life

Liver Life is a gentle liquid formula with milk thistle and other quality ingredients. By helping to remove toxins from the liver and by strengthening it the other needed methods of detoxification will go much more smoothly.

If the liver cannot remove toxins fast enough and backs up with a toxic overload flu-like symptoms, fatigue and headaches can occur. Do not start with the general recommended dosage of Liver Life. It is too strong initially for our sensitive kids.

When my daughter was five years old she could only tolerate a couple of drops per day in the beginning. We slowly worked our way up to a higher dosage just a few drops more every week or two. Today she can take 40 or more drops, (which is their recommendation on the bottle).

Muscle Test for Dosages
The dosage your child begins with will be much less in the beginning, but often can increase over time. A great way to learn what the correct dosage would be is through muscle testing. It is a simple test of energetic compatibility between a substance and yourself.
naturallyhealingautisim-bookFor a quick lesson in muscle testing and muscle testing for dosages watch Karen Thomas’ videos on Youtube. Karen also has her own website and blog available to you at www.naturallyhealingautism.com. You can also follow Karen on Facebook, and Twitter. Listen to Karen’s radio/podcast at www.autismone.org.

Karen Thomas is also a professional speaker and available for events on autism.

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