What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa Butter

Is your skin crying out for something sweet? Cocoa Butter can feed it. Transform your skin with this powerful blend of home-made, organic cocoa butter, vitamin E, and pure essential oils.

This unique, multi-purpose cream delivers incredible, long-lasting moisture. It soothes and softens the skin naturally, and at the same time maintains skin elasticity and firmness.

Cocoa butter actually melts at room temperature and that’s what makes it ideal for your skin. Rich in antioxidants, Skin Candy Cocoa Butter adds an enormous amount of moisture to dry spots on the skin, fights off free radical activity …and more.

10 Reasons to Use Skin Candy Cocoa Butter

  • Flavorful Lip Balm – prevents & protects chapped, cracked or wind-burned lips
  • Softens and smooths the skin
  • Soothes dry, itchy skin
  • Reduces Signs of Aging
  • Soothes Rashes
  • Treats Mouth Sores
  • Great Shaving Cream
  • Reduces Stretch Marks
  • Reduces Peeling

Did you know? … cocoa butter is the fat source used to make chocolate, even healthy chocolate! …. and it’s the cocoa butter that gives it’s alluring, ‘melt-in-your-mouth’, silky texture. 

The main health benefit of Cocoa Butter comes from its cocoa mass polyphenol.


According to a 2014 study published by the Dept. of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Molise, Italy; cocoa and cocoa products are important sources of phytocompounds with nutritional and therapeutic value. A growing body of scientific evidence is available to support that cocoa components with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activities contribute to sun protection and are beneficial for maintaining skin health.

How do we get Cocoa Butter from the Cocoa Bean?

First of all, the beans are fermented, roasted, and then separated from their hulls.
Actually about 54% to 58% of the residue is cocoa butter. Then the butter is deodorized so as to remove its strong taste. Cocoa butter adds scent and smoothness to the skin products.

What are the Active Reagents?

The main active reagents are:

  • oleic
  • stearic
  • palmitic acids

There are about equal amounts of each.
Oleic acid, also found in olive oil, is a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.
Stearic and palmitic acids are saturated fats.

  • It is a pure, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean.
  • It is a pale-yellow in color.
  • It is also called theobroma oil or theobroma cacao

How to Use Cocoa Butter Topically

Stretch marks:
It is used successfully as a treatment for stretch marks that result from pregnancy. In that it’s full of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E,  it’s the prefect choice to use as a moisturizer to maintain skin health and encourage the marks to fade.

Eczema & Dermatitis
It is often used in treating eczema and dermatitis. Why? When cocoa butter is applied topically, it creates a barrier between the sensitive skin that has been affected by eczema or dermatitis and the environment and this helps in keeping in the needed moisture.

Also, cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP) is the substance that prevents the production of the immuno globulin IgE. This is extremely helpful as IgE is known to aggravate both dermatitis and eczema flare ups.

Our latest Skin Candy Cocoa Butter is fabulous. It’s home made, with love, and contains organic cocoa butter, Vitamin E and wheat germ, infused with delicate, uniquely formulated, essential oils. You just scrape a little Skin Candy on your finger, let it melt in your hands and massage into your skin.

There are 2 Skin Candy options :

Tangerine Dream
– Chocolate Mint.

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Probiotic for Periodontal Disease

Peridontal Disease helped with probiotics

Probiotic for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease has become a hot topic in the field of probiotic research. A study that was published in the Journal of Periodontology 2915;86:746-754 references 30 patients who had chronic periodontitis and moderately deep pockets who were treated with scaling and root planing.

They were randomly assigned to receive, using a double-blind model, either probiotic lozenges two times a day, morning and evening after brushing their teeth, or placebo lozenges for 3 weeks. The probiotic lozenges contained Lactobacillus reuteri strains DMS17938 and ATCC PTA 5289.

Evaluations were performed at baseline and then again on days 21, 90, 180, and 360.

Compared to the placebo, probiotic treatment showed significant improvements in several periodontal disease markers like plaque index, gingival index, bleeding on probing, probing depth, and attachment gain at every time point.

Biochemical studies on gingival crevicular fluid showed a reduction in inflammatory markers in the probiotic group
What was also significant, the beneficial effect of the probiotic lozenges persisted long after the treatment was discontinued, which may be related to the alteration of the oral bacterial flora.

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Your Skin, Happier: The Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Benefits of Taking Probiotics
Whether it’s a job interview, a company conference, or your senior prom night – there are few thing that feel more catastrophic than a sudden breakout. There are plenty of contributing factors, and most chalk it up to stress. However, a breakout can also be an indication of a much deeper problem, especially if it continues long after that stressful work presentation.

We can point our fingers at dairy, sugar, or stress – but with all these factors, how do you figure out the best plan for your skin? Many are turning to a simple probiotic pill. It’s not a strange development – the benefits of taking probiotics have been proven to heal other ailments. Here’s why you should be thinking about taking probiotics to jumpstart your journey for better skin.

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Kampuku Beauty Bar Wins Award for 5th time

Kampuku Beauty Bar Wins Better Nutrition Magazine Award 2015

Kampuku Beauty Bar-Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar distributed by Essential Formulas was presented with Better Nutrition Magazine’s 2015 ‘Best of Natural Beauty’ Award for the fifth time. it was also chosen as being an ‘Editors Favorite’. The award was presented by the editor of Better Nutrition during Natural Products EXPO West held in Anaheim, March 6-8th and will be featured in their publication in the April issue.

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How to Treat Your Skin in the Winter

Hand with lotion

Exposure to bitter cold is hard enough on your skin during the winter months, and the last thing you need to do is use a harsh soap or lotion on your body to make it feel worse. Soaps and lotions are absorbed by the body and have to be processed, which can sometimes trigger a Crohn’s-type reaction. So, using all-natural products that don’t include extra ingredients or preservatives is one of the best solutions for curing dry, winter skin without making your Crohn’s flare up or your skin break out.

Thoroughly washing your face each night can help prevent skin from feeling dry by rinsing away the dead skin cells and promoting new, healthy cells to grow. However, daily washing exposes your skin to whatever product you use each night and can cause adverse reactions if there are filler ingredients in the soap. There are many natural, healthy and gentle products that can prevent skin from feeling dry or damaged.

Some medical professionals believe Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Soap is the best soap to use during the winter. The probiotic formula includes lactic acid bacteria mixed with natural, organic raw ingredients essential for healthy skin development. Dr. Ohhira’s bar soap is also fragrance-free and preservative free, limiting the chance of negative reactions or outbreaks. So as the beauty bar cleans and moisturizes the face, it also gives sensitive skin a natural boost of exposure to healthy probiotics and naturally fermented raw ingredients.

Additionally, a good moisturizer that doesn’t further irritate the skin is essential for brutal winter months. Dr Ohhira’s Probiotic Magoroku Moisture Cream is considered one of the best face creams for dry skin. The deep moisturizing formula combines probiotics, such as fermented lactic acid, with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and peach leaf extract to soothe damaged skin. This highly-absorbent cream is also fragrance-free and doesn’t have any added colors or chemicals. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Magoroku Moisturizing Cream can also be used as a body lotion for wind-burned cheeks or dried out elbows and knees.

Both Dr Ohhira’s Probiotic Kampuku Soap and Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Magoroku Moisturizing Cream are the recommended beauty products for winter and can make great gifts for the holiday season. The probiotic cream is also safe for use on children since it doesn’t contain any allergens.

If you want to know how to treat your skin in winter to avoid cracked or painful skin, you can’t go wrong with these products, which are safe for the entire family’s use. To check out our recommendations for the best skincare products that are fragrance-free, preservative-free, chemical-free, and just plain good for you, check out Dr. Pam’s top picks. Your skin will thank you this winter!

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