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Camp Oasis for Kids with Crohns

What is Camp Oasis?

Camp Oasis is a co-ed residential summer camp program that enhances kids’ lives who are challenged with Crohns Disease or Colitis. It gives them the ability to enjoy a safe and supportive camp experience.

Here is a video to show what they can expect.


For most kids that attend, it’s a life changing experience. They are able to experience support and be assured that they are not alone.

They are given the opportunity to create friendships with other who share similar conditions. This is a way for them the feel independent and so gain confidence.

There are many types of activities and sports to choose from. There are visual and performing arts that they can participate in. Then there are land and water sports, as well as high ropes and other types of outdoor adventures and games.

They encourage leadership development in the group of older attendees.

At the same time the children are given plenty of time to relax, become familiar and bond with one another, playing, laughing and enjoying life without focusing on their limitations.

Fortunately, they are surrounded by a number of practitioners, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who are available for 24-hour a day. Parents can feel secure that their children are well taken care of.

CCFA carefully selects and prepares all their volunteer staff. Very often these volunteers are adults who they, themselves are living with IBD. For this reason they can be very caring and understanding of kids like them. This is encourages the children to feel completely safe and secure and at the same time laugh, have fun and experience joy.

Become a Volunteer

Physicians, nurses and mental health specialists can apply to become volunteers. Besides volunteering the other way that you can help is by donating to Camp Oasis. you do this on line or call phone: (646) 943-7480

Either way you provide the opportunity for kids with IBD to have an unforgetable and extraordinary life experience at Camp Oasis.

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