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Best Probiotics for Colitis

Best Probiotics for Colitis

Many people who suffer from Colitis are interested in trying natural treatments to restore their health. They often turn to probiotics as a way to heal the gut and maintain good intestinal health in the future.

Probiotic supplements are friendly bacteria that, when consumed, take up residence in the intestinal tract, help keep gut flora in balance, and help one maintain a good state of health. The intestines naturally contain bad bacteria, since the digestive tract is where waste matter is pushed out of the body. In order to offset the bad bacteria, and keep it from overrunning the body, a person must have a good amount of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can keep things in check. Colitis patients, especially, need to make sure that their guts are in the best of health so it makes sense for them to take probiotics.

But with so many probiotics on the market, which is the best? The following are some of the probiotic strains you should look for if you’re going to take them for good gut health.

Saccharomyces boulardii

Garden of Life Primal Defense is a probiotic that’s actually a yeast and not a bacterium. But, it works well to balance gut flora. Twenty five patients experiencing colitis flare-ups were treated with Saccharomyces boulardii at the San Raffaele University Gastroenterology Unit in Italy. They received this probiotic for four weeks, and at the end of the trial, 17 of the 25 patients experienced remission of their colitis symptoms.


Studies show that Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics is effective in symptom reduction and the prevention of relapses with colitis patients. Dr. V.T. Do explored the relationship between probiotics and immune response at the Medical College of Virginia Hospital. He found that colitis patients who consumed probiotics containing bifidobacterium experienced a significant reduction in exacerbations of colitis symptoms.


Even though you might find a probiotic with these strains in it, it’s important that you choose a probiotic formula that contains live strains and a lot of them. It doesn’t do the body any good to take a probiotic unless the friendly bacteria can get to its target area. And a great way to ensure that it does is by inundating the body with as many live strains as possible.

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