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Best Probiotic for Crohn’s

People in the best of health can help their bodies by taking probiotics to manage intestinal flora balance. More than 100 trillion microorganisms live in the digestive tract, some of them beneficial and others not so much. When the balance of good and bad bacteria tips to the unfriendly side, various health issues can arise.

As long as the body can keep a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, which means the bad guys don’t outnumber the good guys, a person should have a healthy level of intestinal health. But when emotional and environmental stress, poor diet, and other factors tip the scales the other way, intestinal balance is thrown off and the entire body can suffer.

Since Crohn’s patients in particular need to take good care of their intestinal health, it would do them well to take a daily probiotic. A probiotic is a liquid, powder, or capsule form of friendly bacteria that, when ingested, helps one restore or maintain a healthy balance in the gut.

The Best Probiotics for Crohn’s

Not all probiotics are alike. Some brands, and formulas, are more effective at keeping a healthy gut balance than others. Why? For starters, there is no industry regulation for probiotic manufactures to adhere to, which means they can pretty much put any level (or amount) of probiotics into a formula and market it as effective.

In addition, some probiotics are sold in forms that will never benefit the gut. Either the probiotic strains are dead, which don’t do the intestinal tract any good, or they’ll likely be dead by the time they reach the intestines. Live probiotic strains must make it all the way through the digestive tract, including passing through the acidic stomach, before they get to where they need to go. Therefore, it’s important that one chooses a probiotic with live strains, and a lot of them.

If you need help choosing a probiotic for Crohn’s, you can speak with your medical practitioner or choose one of our probiotics. It’s important, if you suffer from Crohn’s, that you take this important step to restore, or maintain, a healthy bacteria balance in your gut.

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