Autism One Conference in May 2016

Karen Thomas will be speaking at the Autism One conference, in Chicago, on May 26, 2016. Her talk will be on “The 3 Stages to Heal Autism Naturally”. Come meet Karen and learn how she helped her own son recover from his symptoms of autism and what you can do to help your child get better.

Lindsey Biel
Lindsey Biel

Karen’s most recent interview for her radio/podcast show at, is with Sensory Processing Disorder expert, Lindsey Biel. Listen to what Lindsey has to share about why certain behavioral issues may exist in your child and learn about the resources you can use to help him.

Karen’s February posts to her blog at include:

  • Homeopathy to Treat Autism,
  • Treatment for Seizures in Autism,
  • Autism Speech Therapy
  • Studies Show This Diet to Reduce Seizures by Fifty Percent

To read these amazingly informative and helpful articles to gain valuable resources for your own health and the health of your family and friends click here.

She just released a new tutorial that shows how to quickly begin to reduce your child’s symptoms of autism by eliminating 3 specific foods that most people consume daily.
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