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Back Pain? Soccer Injury? Bruising? The perfect remedy is Arnica.

Back Pain? Soccer Injury? Bruise from playing your favorite sport? I want to share the perfect remedy with you… Arnica.

Its hard to imagine that I have been using homeopathic remedies for over 40 years now.My personal experience changed the course of my education and led me to Lindlahr College of Natural Therapeutics where I graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathy.

Of all the remedies that I have used myself or prescribed for others, the one that stands out against all others, in terms of efficacy and positive results is ARNICA . Arnica flowers can be used for all kinds of injuries, they have been used for reducing the swelling and pain of bruises, sprains, muscle/joint problems, and even insect bites.

Makes me think about the story of what happened to my Mom.  She had a really bad fall, and due to both Arnica, and Probiotics, she recovered fully. You must read about it! Warning,  I’ve included photos of the wound. Click here.

Alan Nathan

Alan Nathan

Why did I start using homeopathics? Only because I watched it relieve my son’s asthma attack when he was 2 years old – As instructed by the professional homeopath, I was giving him homoepathic drops, acutely, every 5 minutes, for 20 minutes and his bronchial spasm broke. I guess had I not experienced homeopathy first hand, I too, may not have believed it. So Alan, was able to overcome signs and symptoms of allergies for all his child and teenage years this way. We had a first aid kit and a homeopath a phone call a way and that was all we needed. This was my motivation for becoming a homeopath in the first place.
These days, its application is mainly known in the form of a gel or a cream and used topically, but many don’t know that when you take it by mouth, the effect is even more profound than local application. There is a product on the market now that is unique in that one package includes both low potency and high potency Arnica , the high potencies for one day, followed by 4 days of low potency. This combination can be use after surgery and has been shown by plastic surgeons to speed up healing after their surgeries. Works like a charm, every time.

If you’ve used Arnica before, or know someone who has an injury, please share this with them. One of my missions is to spread the word of how powerful, and safe, Homeopathy is.

In Good Health,
Pamela Nathan DHM, Lac.

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