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Alcohol and Probiotics: Save Your Liver

Alcohol in Woman's Hand


Still coping with the effects of too much sangria this weekend?

Above-recommended amounts of alcohol can wreak havoc on your body–particularly your liver–if you have one too many. Fortunately, help is on the way.

You know probiotics improve the health of your stomach and intestines. It just makes sense. On top of that, it seems like new studies roll out every day showing new surprising benefits of probiotics. From improved mental health to fewer breakouts, the positive results seem endless! So when we heard about the amazing effects probiotics have on your liver, we weren’t shocked–but we’re definitely pleased.

Here’s what you need to know about alcohol and probiotics.

Probiotics Bust Surface Level Symptoms Too

Head pounding? Montezuma’s Revenge in full force? Feeling thirsty and nauseous? Don’t just reach for painkillers. A good strong probiotic pill should help relieve many of those symptoms at the source, instead of just masking them for a while. Probiotics have been used in several studies to treat diarrhea and can actually help you recover more effectively.

Alcohol Affects Your Flora…Probiotics Can Change it Back

Alcohol does more than get you on stage at karaoke. When alcohol enters your body, too much can negatively affect your gut flora–causing an imbalance that may result in bigger problems than hangover symptoms. “Altered bowel flora” brought on by alcohol was treated with probiotics in one study, and scientists discovered that “short term oral supplementation with [particular strains] of probiotics was associated with restoration of the bowel flora and greater improvement in alcohol-induced liver injury than standard therapy alone.” Good new for those with mild liver damage.

Even if You Have Cirrhosis, Probiotics Can Help

What about those with major liver damage from drinking? Cirrhosis of the liver may seem too big to tackle naturally, but once you cut out alcohol and begin using a probiotic, you’ll find that liver damage can actually reverse. That’s right–it’s the power of probiotics, and numerous studies have confirmed that probiotics can prevent hepatic encephalopathy –the loss of brain function due to a low-functioning liver– in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. This is good news, as probiotics are far cheaper and potentially safer than most current treatment methods.

Keep in mind these pills aren’t magical–they’re just close to it. Stick to the recommended amount of drinks per hour, and experience the greatest benefits of a good probiotic while minimizing the possibility of permanent liver damage, or at least, embarrassment at the bar.

The most important factor to consider before you drink and use probiotics: the quality of your pill. Check out Perfect Pass Probiotics, scientifically-backed and proven to do real work.

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