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Hi there! Welcome to Crohns.Net’s new Blog. We have finally entered the New Age of blogging. Although blogging has been around for a long time, we hadn’t started blogging yet …. and now we know how!

Actually we started selling on line in 1998, imagine that 15 years ago! Now, in those days there were no blogs, however, education has always been a very important part of our website, and in fact, we have accumulated close to 1000 static pages over the years that are all about making information available to our clients so that they could learn more about their conditions and feel comfortable opting for safe, effective natural alternatives to dealing with signs and symptoms of Crohns and Colitis as well as many other digestive and chronic conditions.

All this information is still available in the EDUCATION section of our website.

Please remember that we love helping people get better. We offer unlimited, complimentary online support via email to all our shoppers. Please email pamela@crohns.net after your purchase and we will be happy to help in any way we can; whether its deciding whihc supplement to take, which test to order, trying to get a better understanding of your symptoms, we can help you.

In Good Health,
Pamela Nathan


  • Bahiyya

    Hi There

    I’m from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. How can I get hold of your products? Are they available here?

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