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3 Good Reasons to use Perfect Pass Probiotics

There are many probiotics on the market today. Here are 3 good reasons to use Perfect Pass Probiotics.

1 Convenience

No refrigeration is needed for Perfect Pass Probiotics – no need to keep cold.
It’s easy and practical.
If a probiotic is so fragile that it needs to be refrigerated, how will it survive the
high temperatures and acidity of the stomach?

2 Stomach survival

The strains in Perfect Pass probiotics have a tough natural outer shell, called an endospore, that protects them from the stomach acid.
It survives 100% of the time.
It gets to the site of colonization alive and that’s where it can perform it’s true probiotic function.

3 Found in Nature

The spores in Perfect Pass Probiotics are found naturally in our environment.
They are an effective way of delivering probiotics that are recognized by the human microbiome.
Once they reach the gut, they help in strengthening the immune system and providing protection against infection.

Perfect Pass Probiotics are commensal organisms, found in the body identical to how they are found in nature.

What are the main actions that take place in the the Human Microbiome when you take Perfect Pass Probiotics?

  • They help to encourage the production of short-chain fatty acids, particularly butyrate, which are a significant factor for maintaining the cells of our digestive tract.
  • They help to counteract the effects of pathogenic bacteria overgrowth  by crowding the out and by producing bacteriocin and lactic acid, which are antibacterial substances.
  • These probiotics produces a number of vitamins like folic acid, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B1, B6, B12, K and more.


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