Beauty and Skin

When it comes to natural skin care products... beware!

Today, everyone sells a natural, organic or green, health and beauty product. Unfortunately, in most cases, the marketing is way ahead of the science. Acai berries and green tea may have powerful health benefits as foods, but simply sprinkling them into creams and lotions, seldom satisfy the advertiser’s claims.

Dr Ohhira, the award winning microbiologist and one of the World’s most respected names in probiotic research, has combined 21st century science with ancient Japanese fermentation skills and exotic Asian skin care ingredients. He has developed powerful beauty and skin products without fragrances, stabilizers, deodorants, preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors.

His products improve skin health as they cleanse, feed, heal, moisturize, condition and protect your skin.

Skin Candy, a therapeutic organic, cocoa butter formula is now available. It's used successfully for scarring and as a moisturizer. It comes in 2 flavors -- Tangerine Cream and Chocolate Mint.

Dr. Pam Recommends:

  1. Skin Candy is made from cocoa butter, known for it's high concentration of antioxidant compounds, including oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. They neutralize free radicals through the skin. Then, together with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, and wheat germ oil, it's an excellent moisturizer for overall skin health and is known to prevent scarring. Besides the antioxidant benefits Skin Candy protects the skin from any outside environmental damage. It comes in Tangerine Cream and Chocolate Mint.

  2. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Soap 80g bar Essential Formulas. This probiotic beauty soap, with natural plant extracts and essential herbs, leaves your skin supple, radiant and youthful. Comprised of natural, wild growing plants hand-harvested from the vast mountain region of the Chugoku district of Japan, seaweed from Japan's ocean and mountain spring water. Raw ingredients are apricot, mugwort, brown seaweed, oleaster, plum, wild strawberry, mulberry, sea tangle, Chinese bayberry, wild vine, Chinese matrimony, shiitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage and loquat. Raw ingredients are carefully blended, naturally fermented and matured for up to five years.
  3. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Magoroku Moisturizing Cream 50 ml is an evolutionary skin care product that combines 21st Century technology with ancient Japanese fermentation skills and skin care formulas developed centuries ago. Safe and mild, it can be applied to the skin of a newborn baby and can treat diaper rash and other conditions that cause mild or severe reddening of an infant's skin. Using 14 wild plants, aloe vera, peach leaf extract, loquats, horse fat extract and metabolized in highly prized magoruku oil, it contains skin penetrating emolients that moisturize while providing relief for skin conditions that vary from sunburn and skin sores to allergies and fungus.