Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease - IBD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a group of inflammatory conditions of the colon and small intestine. It usually presents itself in two different forms: Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Although both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are different diseases, they have very similar symptoms: abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, cramps weight loss and even anemia.

Generally, there is a difference in the location and nature of the inflammation. Crohn’s can affect any part of the gastro-intestinal tract from the mouth to the anus and is more likely to trigger malabsorption and chronic vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Ulcerative colitis starts in the ileum and is restricted to the colon and the rectum.

Dr. Pam Recommends:

  1. Genova Lab Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis & Parasitology 2.0 home test (GSD2100) distinguishes between IBD and IBS. Doctors Data Test (DDA1300) is another alternative.

  2. The recent Human Microbiome Project Research confirms that diversity of the probiotic population is the most important factor for optimizing the functioning of each person's signature microbiome. Taking Prebiotics are the best way to achieve this. PerfectPass Prebiotic (PSN1000) are made from PHGG, partially hydrolyzed Guar Gum. It's easy to take, has no odor or taste - just add it to water and drink it down. PerfectPass prebiotics have no side effects and does not feed bad bacteria.

  3. The same research supports thee use of bacillus human strain probiotics as the type of probiotic that will survive stomach acid 100% of the time in its own endospore. PerfectPass Probiotics (PSN2000), fits the requirements. It contains therapeutic numbers to encourage decrease of bad bacteria and also promote diversity

  4. Extensive studies on Visbiome (VIS1000) or (VIS2000), VSL#3, (VSL3000), and Dr Ohhira's OMX Probiotic (OMX1060) indicate their effective use and benefit to reduce Inflammatory Bowel Disease symptoms. VSL#3 particularly helps pouchitis and ulcerative colitis. Therapeutic, loading doses are usually necessary to see lasting results.

  5. Reduce inflammation using natural supplements with no side effects: Serrapeptase (LFR1600), FYI (GAN5900) and Aloe Complete (ALO1000).

  6. Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes help digest all kinds of food when taken with meals and will also reduce inflammation when taken between meals.

  7. Perfect Pass Immune Support Multi Capsules (PSN4000) or Perfect Pass Immune Multi Powder (PSN4010) is a very effective, comprehensive formula to help you to achieve optimal digestive health, comprised of a full spectrum of different nutritional supplements that include herbs, omega oils, antioxidants, greens, adrenal support and reishi mushrooms. What's most important is that the formula contains the correct ratio of various nutrients that are needed by the body to maintain optimal health.

  8. Another option is to take green food supplement daily - Chlorodex is liquid so its easily absorbed (NTF1100). Remember that probiotics will thrive in an environment with a pH that is more 'alkaline'. Perfect Food raw capsules GAN2222 or regular (GAN2200) or Raw Powder GAN2223 / regular (GAN2020).

  9. Modify your eating and your food intake. The book Breaking the Vicious Cycle (GOT1000) gives you a simple, effective approach. Elaine Gottschall, the author, was able to cure her young daughter of ulcerative colitis with diet alone.

  10. Think about monitoring your pH on a daily basis with a simple litmus paper test (PHP1000) You want to keep your pH at around 6.5.

  11. Take Essential Fatty Acids daily - suggestions are ProOmega 2000, ProOmega EFA (NNL0308), and a vegetarian Living oils (OMX2000).

  12. Other supplements that are extremely beneficial and recommended are: (Wobenzym (DLW1400), Slippery Elm, (VTN2550), l-glutamine (Glutagenics) (MET1500) and Zinlori. (MET9900)

  13. If you need help selecting the right supplements for you, call for a consultation - toll free in the US 877-240-7528 PST 10-3

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