Dysbiosis in the Gut


The simplest definition of Dysbiosis is that it occurs when the “bad” bacteria outnumber the “good” bacteria in your digestive tract. This overgrowth of pathogens is often caused by yeast, but may be caused by other harmful bacteria, fungus, viruses or even parasites in the intestines.

Research from the Human Microbiome Project in 2012 explain how our friendly bacteria or microbiome is established in the first year of life. The most important factor to keep our microbiome healthy is to focus on diversity. When diversity is compromised, dysbiosis sets in.

Dysbiosis does more than interfere with your digestion. It can:

  • affect almost every aspect of your health

  • alter your immune system

  • upset your hormonal balance

  • cause chronic fatigue

  • make it difficult to think clearly

  • cause both anxiety and mood swings

In addition, Dysbiosis can also lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome which is also known as Intestinal Permeability. It changes the gut lining of the bowel, resulting in little 'holes' that allow toxins and other substances to leak through.

Fortunately, Dysbiosis responds well to prebiotics, probiotics and other digestive supplements.

Dr Pam recommends:

  1. Take a home urine test for 'Intestinal Permeability' from Genova Lab (GSD3000) that will determine if you have Dysbiosis.

  2. Take Perfect Pass Prebiotic (PSN1000). This partially hydrolyzed guar gum is the perfect supplement is soluble fiber to feed friendly bacteria and increase diversity.

  3. Because Perfect Pass Probiotic (PSN2000) is human strain probiotics and lives equally well in nature, it is recognized in the gut and therefore multiplies easily and readily. It survives stomach acid 100% of the time. It is made from bacillus strains that outnumber the number we have in our gut. This helps the microflora proliferate and mulitply.

  4. Also take effective, good bacteria from Lactobacillus and Bifidus strains. You will get the best results by building up to therapeutic doses. Select from Visbiome capsules (VIS1000), VSL#3 unflavored packets (VSL3000) or Dr Ohhira's Professional Probiotics OMX (OMX1060) that have fermented for 5 years. Increase the number, until you reach the dose the that makes a significant change to your symptoms. This results in immune modulation. It's very safe. You can't really overdose on these probiotics.

  5. Strengthen the gut lining. You can get very good results using l-Glutamine by Glutagenics (MET1500) and/or Intestinal Repair Capsules (BIO1000) on a daily basis.

  6. Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes help digest all kinds of food when taken with meals and will also reduce inflammation when taken between meals.

  7. Perfect Pass Immune Support Capsules or Powder is a multi that gives you with all the nutritional support you need. It's a comprehensive formula to help you to achieve digestive balance and optimal health.

  8. Include a daily supplement of green food like Perfect Food capsules (GAN2200) or powder (GAN2000).

  9. ProOmega 2000 and Omega 3,6,9 - essential fatty acids (NNL0309) are good recommendations as well.

  10. If you need help selecting the right supplements for you, call for a consultation - toll free in the US 877-240-7528 PST 10-3.

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