Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis

Almost half of all Americans age 60 to 80 (and almost everyone over eighty) has diverticulosis.

This occurs when you develop small pouches in your colon that bulge through weak spots, just like an inner tube might poke through a bicycle tire. But you usually become aware of a serious problem when these pouches become inflamed or infected  -- and then you develop diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis happens in about 10-20% of cases. It is unclear what causes the infection, but a low fiber diet that results in stool or bacteria being caught in these pouches is suspected. Diverticulitis will often cause cramps, bloating, constipation and severe abdominal pain. It can develop suddenly and without warning. Treatment focuses on clearing the infection and reducing the inflammation. Once diagnosed, treatment should start immediately.

If you’re not sure whether you may have diverticulosis and intestinal inflammation, it’s a good idea to get tested. Genova Lab Comprehensive Stool Analysis 2.0 (GSD2100) will help you. Also be sure you do not have a problem with SIBO. Genova can test for SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (GSD5000) as well. We suspect that chronic inflammation is involved in the development of diverticular disease, and if you wish to prevent attacks you ought to take steps to reduce intestinal inflammation.

Its very important to reduce stress as this can be an extremely important contributing factor. Our easy Stress Management program (STR1000) is delivered to your email inbox.

Natural supplements and a change of diet are extremely effective.

Dr Pam Recommends:

  1. Select natural anti-inflammatories like Serrapeptase (LFR1600), and FYI (GAN5900)  Serrrapeptase and FYI are good alternatives to salicylates (aspirin), ibuprofen, and other NSAIDS and steroids.

  2. Perfect Pass Prebiotics (PSN1000) dissolve completely in water and will not cause any digestive side effect like other prebiotics that are made from inulin and FOS. These prebiotics are made from PHGG, i.e. partially hydrolyzed guar gum, that acts as a fertilizer for your natural friendly bacteria and help to increase their diversity.

  3. Perfect Pass Probiotics (PSN2000), are human strain and therefore recognized by the human digestive tract. They are therefore able to multiply. The bacillus strains are encased in an endospore that survives through stomach acid 100% of the time

  4. Perfect Pass Immune Support Capsules or Powder will provide you with all the supportive nutrients you need. It's a comprehensive formula to help you to achieve optimal health.

  5. Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes help digest all kinds of food when taken with meals and will also reduce inflammation when taken between meals.

  6. Probiotics that are not human strain can also be helpful when you use therapeutic dosage. VSL#3 (VSL3000), Visbiome (VIS2000) or Dr Ohhira’s Professional Probiotics Formula (OMX1060) can help diverticulitis and promote good digestion.

  7. Change of diet:

  8. Green food supplements work very well for lots of people.  Perfect Food comes in a variety of ways. You can get Perfect Food Raw Capsules (GAN2222) or Powder (GAN2223), or mixed with Berries (GAN2040).

  9. Essential Fatty acids (NNL1215) are very important to good digestive function.

  10. Slippery Elm (VTN2550) can help soothe your digestion as well

  11. If you need help selecting which supplements are right for you, call toll free 877-240-7528 PST 10-3 to set up a consultation.

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