Many of you have suffered from constipation. In fact it is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States and results in more than two million visits to the doctor and almost a billion dollars spent on laxatives every year.

Usually, it’s a combination of small, hard dry bowel movements that occur less than three times a week and makes bathroom visits difficult and painful. Left untreated, constipation can become a chronic disease that makes you feel bloated, uncomfortable and sluggish.

Constipation is caused when the colon absorbs too much water. This happens because the colon’s muscles are slow and sluggish and the stool moves through the colon too slowly. Usually constipation is the result of a diet that is low in the fiber found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. People who eat plenty of high-fiber foods are less likely to become constipated.

The most common causes of constipation are:

  • lack of fiber in your diet
  • not enough liquids
  • lack of exercise
  • medication
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • changes in lifestyle (pregnancy, age, travel etc)
  • abuse of laxatives
  • ignoring the urge to have a bowel movements.
  • specific diseases (multiple sclerosis, lupus etc)
  • colon and intestinal problems

Constipation should be treated naturally. Add high fiber content to your diet, drink 8-10 glasses of spring or filtered water every day and add several natural supplements. Read more Constipation Information for Constipation Management.

Dr. Pam recommends:

  1. A OK, (SCH000) is a stool softener and natural laxative that can safely overcome constipation. It is not habit forming and can be used acutely or on a long term basis. Toxicity builds up in the gut when regular bowel movements are not part of your daily routine.

  2. High doses of Vitamin C (GAN1440) have been shown to have a laxative effect. It works because it increases the speed of the digestive, increasing the number of bowel movements. Vitamin C is also an excellent immune booster.

  3. PerfectPass (PSN2000) Probiotics, Visbiome (VIS1000), VSL#3 (VSL3000) and Dr Ohhira’s Professional Formula (OMX1060) Probiotics  can all help constipation by altering your intestinal micro-flora  balance and promoting good digestion.

  4. Use 4 gm PerfectPass Prebiotic (PSN1000) 1-2 x daily. This is a natural fertilizer for probiotics and the one supplement that increases diversity of probiotics. It is easy to take, no odor, no taste, just add to water. Your natural probiotics will thrive.

  5. A Fiber supplement that is very helpful is Superseed (GAN8700).

  6. Perfect Food from Garden of Life is a great source of vegetables that you can use on a daily basis. There is Perfect Food Powder (GAN2100), Perfect Food Caplets (GAN2200), Perfect Food combined with Berries (GAN2040)  and Garden of Life also makes a raw Perfect Food Powder (GAN2223) and caplets (GAN2222). Raw Perfect Food is very easily absorbed because it is made from whole foods. Regular intake of Perfect Food will help eliminate constipation.

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